Happy Monday! Another weekend is over. I hope it was a good one for you – it was for me. It was a good mix of having fun (watching Netflix, date night) and being productive (getting business paperwork done, planning my week).


Friday afternoon I finally headed to a mobile grocery store that I had heard about. They go to a few different spots in a neighborhood just south of where I live, so I thought I’d check it out. I haven’t had a chance until this weekend to go because I had always been working.

They didn’t have a huge selection, but they had some really great produce and bread to pick from at some great prices. The bread was from Prairie Mill, so you know that it’ll be delicious. And at a dollar per loaf it was such a good deal.

I was a bit surprised when I pulled into the parking lot and we were the only ones there. I took advantage of the lack of a crowd and I left with strawberries, a cucumber, grapefruit, nectarine, and avocado. It sounded like they have a different selection of food every week, so I’m sure I’ll be back to see what they have.

Friday night I had dinner with my dad. He had picked out a Korean beef recipe to make in his Instant Pot. He’s had his Instant Pot since Christmas I think and he’s really enjoyed using it. It’s super easy for him to use and I think it takes a lot of the intimidation out of some recipes for him.

The recipe for the Korean beef included soya sauce, brown sugar, fresh ginger, and sesame oil, so I figured it would be pretty tasty. It turned out delicious and definitely something that I could see us eating again. The leftovers were pretty good too. I think it’s one of those meals that only gets better as leftovers.


I didn’t have a great sleep Friday night, so when I was awake around 3:30 am I turned off my alarm and decided to take a rest day instead of doing my planned cardio at the gym on Saturday morning. To be completely honest it felt really good to sleep in. I’m glad I made that decision!

After my non-workout I headed over to my boyfriend’s place for date night. We took Winston, his Bulldog puppy for a walk around the neighborhood, where he checked out a ball hockey tournament. He was quite interested in watching the teams place. He’s also interested in watching people on the basketball courts when we go past them. I wonder what he things they’re doing.

Once the walk was done and we had dropped Winston off at home my boyfriend and I walked over to Vagabond for pizza happy hour. It’s our go to restaurant/pub because it’s so close and the food is always good.

It wasn’t busy so our pizza came out pretty quick – we both decided to get the pepperoni and mushroom pizza. It has a thin crust which is my favorite kind. I ate half of it and got the rest packed up and enjoyed it for lunch Dinner on Sunday.

Once we got back to my boyfriend’s place it was time for Winston to have his dinner. He always ends up making a mess and getting kibbles everywhere.


I was feeling really good after my rest day on Saturday, so I was looking forward to my workout on Sunday morning. The instructor was new to me so it was great to have someone new lead us through the July Group Power release.

We did the bonus tracks for both biceps and lunges. I’m really enjoying the bonus lunge track, though it did take a few times of doing it to get the hang of it.

I spent the rest of my Sunday doing laundry, paperwork (it feels like it’s endless as a small business owner), and getting things done around the house. There’s something about getting ready for the week and knowing that it’ll go smoother that makes all of that stuff worth it.

Today I’m back at work after the weekend. I’m hoping it goes by quickly and I can get some behind the scenes blog stuff done – I have some exciting things to announce soon!

What was your favorite part of the weekend? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Weekend Highlights: Date Night + Group Power Workout