I’m sharing my workouts and meals today. I’m all about hearing what other people are doing for workouts and meals, so I figure I should share mine too.

In terms of workouts, they were cardio focused this week. I came in at four cardio workouts, two strength training group fitness classes, and one yoga class. Usually I would have more yoga, but either the classes that I usually go to had subs or I already had plans for that night so I wasn’t able to make it to class.

For meals it was mostly making things at home for dinners and then having the leftovers for lunches. I did eat out twice though, and I’ll be sharing both of those meals below.



I started off my week with two workouts on Sunday. I started off at the gym with a Group Power class. It was my second or third time doing this release and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Sunday afternoon I went to Baker Park to do some outdoor yoga. It was another great class, even if I didn’t break a sweat. It was another beautiful day to spend some time outside doing yoga. It was an hour long practice.


I did my first cardio workout of the week on Monday morning. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and then spent my cool down on the track walking. I was really feeling it so I ended up really pushing myself. It felt great so I’m glad that I did.


I did another steady state cardio workout on the elliptical. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and another 10 minutes on the track for my cool down.


I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical for another cardio workout on Wednesday. I was once again in the zone and and I pushed myself again to pick up the pace a bit.


I had originally planned to go to another Group Power class on Thursday morning, bit I got an email the night before that it had been cancelled. I was definitely a bit bummed out about it, but I ended up taking advantage of the rest day and sleeping in which felt really good.


My last cardio workout of the week happened on Friday. After my rest day on Thursday I was really looking forward to my workout yesterday. I spent another 30 minutes on the elliptical (it must have been my magic number the last week) and did my cool down on the track again walking to bring down my heart rate.


My plan for today is to go to another Group Power class. Hopefully this one won’t be cancelled and I’ll be able to get in another strength training workout this week.


I didn’t take any photos of my breakfast smoothies this week, but they were my usual combination of frozen fruit, plain yogurt, water, and protein powder. Nothing too exciting, but they sure are tasty.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I made Asian bowls for dinner this week. My dad sent me the recipe from a guy on YouTube that he likes to watch. If you’re looking for an easy to make but flavorful meal I highly suggest this Asian rice bowl.

I did a bunch of barbecuing this week because a couple of nights it was just too hot to even think about cooking and heating up the house. We don’t have air conditioning (not many houses are built with it here in Calgary – if it’s something that you want you have to add it after the fact), so there was no way that I wanted to add to how hot the house was already.

I grilled up both hamburgers and chicken burgers this week as a result. They were both delicious. There’s something about making food on the grill that just makes it taste better.

Last night I was feeling lazy so I decided to order donair from Skip the Dishes (affiliate link). This was half of what came with my order. Needless to say it was a lot of food!

I ended up ordering from one of my favorite donair places, Jerusalem Shawarma. If you’re ever in NW Calgary be sure to check it out. The food is always ready quick and it’s so good!

On Wednesday night I was downtown for a networking event, so I texted my boyfriend to see if he’d be interested in meeting up for dinner beforehand.

It didn’t take much convincing, so we headed to Pin Bar. As usual the food was delicious. I went with the reuben – so good with tons of pastrami and cabbage. It may just be my favorite sandwich there.

What was your favorite workout or meal this week? Share about it in the comments below.

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Weekly Workouts + Meals: Cardio Edition