I feel like summer is flying by. It’s already the end of July. If it could just slow down a bit I would really appreciate it. I’m trying to spend as much time as I can outside and take in the nice weather while it’s here. Winters are long and cold here in Calgary, so it makes me appreciate the hot temperatures and sun even more.


Like I mentioned last week, I’m looking into 300 hour yoga teacher trainings to take in 2020 or 2021. I met up with one program in Calgary and I really resonated with their mission. I actually almost didn’t go because I wasn’t sure if it would be beneficial to starting looking into it so far ahead of time. I’m so glad I did though because I think that I may have found the program that I want to do. I’m super excited even though it’s a long way off before I even apply.

Speaking of yoga, I’ve come to realize that Calgary has a pretty amazing yoga community. There’s so much cooperation and collaboration to make bigger and better things happen. Teachers and studios are so welcoming to people that aren’t “yoga people”. It would be so easy for teachers and studios to fall into the competition trap, but I haven’t experienced that.

I feel like I’ve really found my stride working my weekly shift at the yoga studio. I’m remembering students names which is a big one for me because I’m terrible with names. I’m connecting with teachers and getting to know the classes that they like to teach.

Being at the studio is such a great place for me to be right now and I move into teaching yoga. I’m surrounded by some amazing teachers and I get to see what makes them great teachers, and what I would like to incorporate into my own teaching.

My business

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been an business owner for a month already! It honestly still doesn’t seem real sometimes. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile now and it’s finally done. I still have a few things that I have to finish before I can start offering private yoga (liability waivers, insurance, and stuff like that), but they’re all in the process of getting done and the light is at the end of the tunnel.

I’m one of those people who likes to know exactly what steps I’ll have to take to achieve a goal before I actually start. I struggled a lot getting the business started because I sometimes didn’t know what I was doing or what to expect. I had never set up a business banking account before. I had never really made a business plan outside of university assignments. All to the uncertainties that I’m my own boss and there’s no one that I can ask advice from, and it’s pretty intimidating.

Slowly but surely though I’m getting things done and making progress. Getting out of my comfort zone has definitely been hard to do, but I’m doing it. There’s some great support for entrepreneurs in Calgary that I’m slowly starting to connect with. It makes the whole working for myself feel a lot less lonely knowing that there are other people out there doing the same thing.

Enjoying the summer

Summers can go by quickly, especially here in Calgary where winters can be long and cold. In the middle of it in January with cold temperatures and snowy roads, it can be tough to remember what warm summer days feel like.

This summer I’m making sure that I’m taking full advantage to everything that summer has to offer. I’ve been doing outdoor yoga every weekend, attending outdoor festivals like Pet a palooza, and reading and blogging from the backyard.

I don’t want the summer to end, fall to get here, and realize that I didn’t spend as much time outside as I wanted. With winters that last so long here, I’m definitely taking advantage of each and every warm moment I can soak up in the sun.

What’s something fun that’s going on in your life right now? Share about it in the comments.

Life Lately: July 2019