I’m sharing my workouts and some of my meals today. I love hearing about what other people are doing in the gym, so I thought I’d share what I’m doing and eating too.



I got in some cardio on the elliptical to start off my week. I spend 30 minutes doing steady state cardio followed by a 5 minute cool down on the track.

Sunday afternoon I attended and helped out with outdoor yoga in Baker Park. It was another beautiful day for an outdoor yoga practice with the sun shining and a cool breeze. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to be outside.


I took a rest day on Monday.


I did another half hour of cardio on the elliptical on Tuesday morning. I followed it up with a quick 5 minute walk on the track for my cool down.

Tuesday evening I headed over to The Yoga Shala for an Ashtanga Unwind class. It’s essentially an abbreviated primary series of ashtanga yoga followed by a few restorative poses. There was a sub teaching so we transitioned to the restorative poses with a few yin postures which was a really nice change to how we usually do the class.


I was back at the gym bright and early on Wednesday for another cardio session. Apparently 30 minutes was a thing for me this week, because I did another 30 minutes of steady state cardio and then finished it off with a 5 minute cool down on the track.


Wednesday night I decided to switch it up a bit and signed up for a Group Power class for Thursday morning. Drop in group fitness classes are included in my gym membership, and it’s been months since I’ve done a group fitness class.

My Fitbit said I burned over 450 calories in the hour long class! Group Power is essentially the Y’s version of Body Pump. The class was co-taught by two people and they were both really great.

I think I’m going to make group fitness a part of my week for the next month or two. Usually I like to put in my earbuds and not have to talk to anyone or make small talk (can you tell I’m an introvert?), but I ended up talking to a few other participants and it was actually kind of nice.

I was back at the Yoga Shala on Thursday night to take an ashtanga class. I haven’t done much ashtanga yoga in the last few months, but it feels so good to be craving it again. There’s some something about going through the same sequence of poses every single time that draws me in every single time.


Friday was my second rest day of the week. Just like I thought I would be, my upper body was sore from the Group Power class the day before. Since I worked out twice on Thursday and I was sore, I figured it would be a good idea to take a rest day on Friday.


I’m actually writing this post on Friday, but my plan for Saturday is to take a Group Power class on Saturday morning to end my week of workouts.


My breakfasts are almost always protein smoothies when I get home from the gym, and this week was no different. I combined frozen berries, plain yogurt, protein powder (this is the one (affiliate link) that I like), and a splash of water.

I was my dad’s birthday this week so when I asked what I could make him for breakfast on his big day he said he was craving pancakes. They were super easy to make and I ended up putting a few in freezer bags in the freezer. He likes to pop them into the toaster to eat later on.

He said he wanted whipped cream and blueberries to put on top, so I stopped by the grocery store and made that happen for him. As you can see on my plate above, I went a bit crazy with the blueberries. They were just so good!

I bought a packaged of cooked shredded chicken at the grocery store and made quite a few meals from it. I made chicken salad, combined it with barbecue sauce and put it in a bun for a sandwich, as well as just having it plain like in the photo below.

I also picked up a bag of shredded cabbage and I’ve been enjoying more than I thought I would. I’m usually not a huge fan of coleslaw, but since there’s no dressing on this cabbage I’ve been really enjoying it.

The birthday meal out with my dad and brother was to an Italian place because my dad wanted Italian.

I ordered fettuccine (it was made with spinach which explains the green color), chicken, bell pepper, artichokes, spinach, and bell peppers with cream sauce. It was really good, but also a lot of food. I ended up eating all the add ins and about half the pasta. I got the rest of the pasta packed up and my brother took it home.

One day this week it was really got (at least for Calgary), so I decided to just grill some Italian sausages on the barbecue instead of making something on the stove or oven and heating up the house even more.

I don’t think I’d had Italian sausages yet this summer on the barbecue. They were delicious! I got the mild ones so that they wouldn’t be too spicy, but they also had a lot of flavor to them. I paired the sausage with a spinach salad and a few crackers.

I’ve been eating more tuna over the last month or two. It’s packed with lean protein and super easy to use when I’m in a time crunch but still want to make something healthy to eat.

For this meal I added some mayo and relish to it, and ate it with a spinach salad with tortilla crisps and dressing on top, a slice of multi grain bread, and a could egg whites.

Do you have a favorite group fitness class to take at your gym? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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