I haven’t written one of these posts in a really long time, so I thought that I’d do another one today. We get a lot of cold weather here in Calgary, and winters can feel like they’re never ending, so when it’s nice out, I take advantage of it! Today I’m sharing some of the things that I have on my wish list. All of the links in this post are affiliate links.

For the last few months I’ve been drawn towards lots of blues and whites. Previously I would have said that I’m all about the greens and purples, but it’s slowly shifting. As a result, a lot of the clothes that I’ve picked for this posts are blue and/or white.

Red dress // Striped maxi dress // Blue eyelet dress // One shouldered dress // Blue dress

When it’s hot in Calgary, it’s really hot. Thankfully it’s a dry hot and it doesn’t get too humid here. Dresses can be the perfect thing to help deal with the summer heat. One of my favorite ones is the striped maxi one above. You can dress it up or down with the right shoes and jewelry.

I think that the dark blue eyelet dress would look super cute with a denim jacket, a pair of white canvas shoes, and a white shoulder bag. I love that the knee length blue dress is paired with brown accessories. So cute!

V neck flutter sleeve // Wide legged cropped pants // Red blazer // Tassel shirt

I think the v neck flutter sleeve top would look equally good with a pair of navy pants or white jeans as pictured in the above graphic. A gold necklace and watch would complete the look.

The red blazer from Banana Republic adds the perfect pop of color to an outfit. I usually don’t wear much red, but this blazer would be so cute with a white top and navy pants.

Straw hat with pompoms // Striped blue scarf // Leather belt // Strappy sandals // Embroidered clutch

I’m typically not much of a hat person, but I bought my very first straw hat a few months ago and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s so nice to be able to put it on and keep the sun off my face and neck. It’s made all the difference, and I feel much more comfortable being in mid day sun and avoiding a sunburn (I burn so easily). So if you’re like me and have been avoiding hats, be sure to at least try one on at a store – you might change your mind.

What’s a favorite piece of clothing that you’ve been loving lately? Share it in the comments below.

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Cute Clothes: July 2019