It’s Saturday so that means another Weekly Workouts + Meals post. I love seeing what other people are doing for workouts and meals so I figure others like reading about that kind of stuff too.

Let’s dive into my workouts from the past week first.


Since I knew Monday was going to be a rest day I wanted to get to the gym for some cardio on Sunday.

I spent 25 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 5 minute cool down on the track. The time passed pretty quickly actually because I was listening to a really good podcast (it was the Conspiracy Theories podcast about the Denver airport if you’re interested). My take is that there’s absolutely nothing weird about the airport other than it opened late and went over budget.

Sunday afternoon I helped out with outdoor yoga at Baker Park again. It was an absolutely beautiful day for yoga. It was the perfect temperature in the shade of the trees with a slight breeze.

Unfortunately we only had one student show up. I think part of it was because it was such a beautiful day and people had other plans. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and had a great practice.


Since I worked at the yoga studio early on Monday I took a rest day from the cardio and took a yoga class instead.

I came back to the studio after dinner for a yin yoga class with one of my favorite teachers. We focused in the hips and hamstrings, and let me tell you, it was exactly what I needed! My hips are perpetually tight, so I felt great afterwards.


I was right back at it with the cardio on Tuesday morning. I spent 25 minutes doing steady state cardio on the elliptical followed by a quick cool down on the track.

My workout once again flew by thanks to some podcasts that I was listening to. I use the Pocket Casts app when I listen to them. At the beginning of the week I download a bunch of podcasts for the week so that they’re on my phone while I’m out and away from wifi so that I can listen to them and not worry about going over my data limit.

Tuesday night I did a restorative nidra class. This class was a bit different because we did the whole class laying down on our mats – either on our fronts for the restorative half of the class, and then our backs for the nidra part.


I ended up getting to the gym a bit later than I was expecting, so I was in a time crunch to get home in time to get cleaned up and to work on time. As a result, I cut my workout short and only spend 20 minutes on the elliptical.

After a quick 5 minute cool down I headed home to shower and change and then leave for work. It wasn’t much but at least I got sweaty, right?


Thursday was another rest day from cardio so instead of sleeping in a bit like I had planned, I was wide awake at 6 am. Does that happen to anyone else? Oh well, at least I got some extra work done.

Thursday night I went to a restorative yin class. We had a different teacher subbing that I hadn’t had before, so I was excited to take the class. She was really great and I loved it! She had so much knowledge about the philosophy of yoga that she shared throughout class which I really enjoyed.


I ended my work week with a cardio workout on the elliptical. I spent 30 minutes getting sweaty on the elliptical and then headed to the track for my cool down.

I swear I was happier to be at the gym than I look!


My plan for today is to do another cardio workout and then go to a yin yoga class. It’s the same teacher from Thursday night who will be teaching it so I’m looking forward to it.

And now onto what I ate this week!

My grocery shopping this week was a bit smaller than it usually is because we had some stuff in the freezer that we planned on using like chicken burgers and meatballs. I mainly got dairy (milk and yogurt) along with produce (bananas, blueberries, apples, frozen berries, and a couple different kinds of salads.

I went out for brunch with my dad and brother on Sunday. It was delicious – it’s hard to go wrong with toast, eggs, bacon, and fruit.

I grilled up some chicken burgers one night. I figured that I would do a couple extra ones and take advantage of the leftovers for lunches. It’s hard to go wrong with leftovers because they’re so quick and easy.

I had a hot dog one night – what an iconic summer time meal. I bought jumbo sized hot dogs at the grocery store and regular hot dog buns so the hot dogs ended up being bigger than the buns. They might have looked funny but they still tasted good which is really what matters.

I usually have some sort of snack mid afternoon, and I usually don’t share those on the blog, but I thought that I would today.

One day I had a piece of toasted multi grain bread with peanut butter and some blueberries on the side. Peanut butter on toast is my absolute favorite because it gets melty and it’s just so good!

I also had a protein shake. These are my go to afternoon snacks. It can be a challenge to get in all the protein I aim for each day, and making sure that I get in some protein with snacks makes that a lot easier.

What was the toughest workout that you did this last week? Favorite meal?

Weekly Workouts + Meals: Cardio and Barbecue