Yesterday was a super productive day for me. I worked at the yoga studio in the morning and then got a ton of blogging and business stuff done the rest of the day. I don’t know what it was, but I was just crossing stuff off of my to do list like nobody’s business. It was pretty awesome. It feels really good to actually be ahead for once!

Today I’m sharing a summer workout playlist. I always find that a new playlist helps get me more motivated for my workouts, so I love sharing these. It can be tough to get those summer workouts in when it’s so sunny outside and routines go to the wayside, but I’m much more likely to get a workout in when I’m looking forward to listening to a new workout playlist.

This workout playlist is pretty eclectic – it includes older songs like Surfin’ USA by The Beach Boys and Twist and Shout by the Beatles along with newer ones like Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Crazy in Love by Beyonce. There’s just over an hour’s worth of music on this playlist, so you should be good for most workouts. I know that I don’t like spending more than an hour at the gym.

Blurred Lines was one of those songs that blew up a few summers ago. I remember hearing it absolutely everywhere. If I’m completely honest I was kind of sick of it, but I’m happy to say that I can listen to it again and not be annoyed by it. And who can forget the video for that song?

California Gurls by Katy Perry was one of the first songs I thought of including in this playlist when I decided to make a summer themed playlist. It’s such a fun song that almost always makes me sing along (at least when I’m on my own and not in public).

Only one song from the 80’s made it onto the playlist this time, which is a bit surprising because I’m all about the 80’s music. Music from the 90’s is a close second in favorites for me, and none of those songs made it for some reason.

I knew that I wanted to add some older, classic songs to the playlist, which is why The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Chubby Checker, and Bruce Springsteen are included. There’s so many of those older songs that I don’t listen to nearly enough.

If you use Spotify like I do, click here to go to the playlist on there. I love having a bunch of playlists downloaded on my phone so that when I get to the gym I have some choice about what I’ll listen to while I’m working out. Plus it doesn’t use my data. The wifi is pretty spotty at my gym so I love that I can download music with my Spotify subscription.

As always, you can find all of my workout playlists here. You can find one that’s more your taste over there if this one isn’t your thing.

What’s one song you have on a workout playlist right now? Share it in the comments below. I love hearing what other people are listening to. Have any requests for workout playlists?

Summer Workout Playlist