It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve last written one of these posts, so I figured that I should do one this week. I love hearing about other people’s workouts and meals, so I figure others like to read these kinds of posts too.


On Sunday I helped out with yoga in Baker Park. We’re there every Sunday afternoon throughout the summer, weather permitting, so if you live in NW and want to do some yoga, be sure to join us tomorrow.

The yoga practice on Sunday started off with some sun salutations and then we moved into a flow practice. It was just what I needed on Sunday.


Since I was at the yoga studio working early on Monday, I skipped my cardio workout at the gym and opted for an evening yoga class instead. It was one of my favorite yin classes and as usual I felt amazing when I left. It’s a good thing that it’s an evening class because I can wind down for bed when I get home. I always sleep so well after these Monday night yin classes.


I took a restorative yoga nidra combo class on Tuesday night. It’s one of my favorite yoga nidra classes. The teacher is so great at setting a relaxing energy from the minute that class starts.

We use a ton of props in class – I used a bolster, two cork blocks, a thin block, and two blankets. There’s something about taking the time for myself to relax that always feels so good.


I spent 30 minutes at the gym doing a steady state workout. Most of my workout was on the elliptical doing steady state cardio.

I ended up doing a few minutes earlier than I was planning because I got distracted by my phone. It hardly ever happens that I do more cardio than I was planning to. I cooled down on the track for for 5 more minutes.


I did another workout on the elliptical on Thursday morning. I spent 30 minutes doing steady state cardio and then spent 10 minutes walking the track for my cool down.


I took another rest day on Friday.


The plan for today is to head to the gym for another cardio workout. I’ll most likely do it on the elliptical if one is available. Otherwise I’ll walk on the treadmill.


Most of my breakfasts this week have been protein smoothies. I combine water, frozen berries, plain yogurt, and protein powder in the blender. My go to brand of protein powder is this one (affiliate link).

I didn’t take many photos of my meals this week, and most of the ones that I did take were when I was eating out. It looks like I eat out a lot from this post, but I honestly don’t as much as it looks like I do.

I had lunch with my dad and brother at our favorite neighborhood pub where I ordered a lettuce wrapped hambuger and side salad. I promis that there is a burger under all of that lettuce! It was really good – in large part to the cheese and bacon on it. It’s hard to go wrong with either of those two things!

For date night my boyfriend and I walked over to Leopold’s for dinner. It was my first time eating there and I was pleasantly surprised. I went with the smoked meat sandwich on rye bread and a side salad.

On Thursday night I went to Sneak a Peek at the Calgary Stampede. There were a ton of midway concessions as well as barbecue booths to pick from. I decided to go with a pulled pork sandwich from Big T’s Barbecue. I’ve eaten at Big T’s before, but I don’t think I have at the stampede. The sandwich was delicious – much better than it actually looks in that photo!

What was your favorite workout that you did this week? Favorite meal you ate?

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Weekly Workouts + Meals: Yoga and Stampede Food