I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my Canada Day long weekend. Canada Day was yesterday, so a lot of people had the day off. I still had to be at the yoga studio to work my usual morning shift, but I didn’t have anything else planned for the day which did make it feel like a long weekend. The weekend also included a date night, a barbeque with some friends, and yoga.

I started off my weekend at the gym on Saturday morning. I did a super quick steady state cardio workout on the elliptical before I headed home to shower.

So that I could make it to one of my favorite yin classes on time! This Saturday morning class is an easy one to justify skipping, but I made it a priority to get there. Since it was a long weekend it was a super quiet class with only four of us in it. It felt more like a private class.

We did most of the poses up against the wall which was a nice change of pace. Since there was so few of us we had lots of room to spread out. If you have the chance to take a wall yin class I highly recommend it!

Saturday afternoon I headed downtown to see my boyfriend and his bulldog puppy, Winston. We took him for his afternoon walk together to Central Memorial Park and Haultain Park.

Central Memorial is probably my favorite park downtown. It’s beautifully manicured with all sorts of plants, including these peonies.

We actually have both the light pink and dark pink ones in out backyard at home too.

I thought that this hanging basket of yellow, orange, and pink flowers was absolutely beautiful. All you could see was flowers!

Winston thoroughly enjoyed the little fountains they have at Central Memorial. He loved standing over the water (it must have felt good on his belly) and trying to bite the water. He was pretty fun to watch.

He was soaked by the time we left, but he didn’t mind. I think he actually liked it because it kept him nice and cool because there was a breeze for the rest of the walk.

Winston was quite popular, getting lots of pets from people and meeting lots of other dogs. One person in their car driving rolled down their window while they were stopped at a red light and told us that we had a beautiful dog. My boyfriend has told me that that’s happened before, so it was kind of funny to be there when it happened again.

We went back to my boyfriend’s place and fed Winston before heading out to get dinner for ourselves. We ended up at Vagabond, a favorite spot of ours because it’s so close and they have delicious food.

I ordered a burger with a side salad. Their salads are always so good (I’ve tried re-creating them at home, but they’re just not the same). I think the secret is their salad dressing.

Sunday was a rest day from cardio so my only workout was an hour long outdoor yoga class at Baker Park. It was 20 C (or 68 F for my American readers), so the temperature was perfect. We set up our mats in the shade so the sun wasn’t directly on us. We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day to spend outside doing yoga.

Sunday afternoon I was invited over to a barbecue by the teacher that I help with the outdoor yoga. It was my first official cook out of the summer – I’ve barbecued a bunch at home, but not with other people over yet. I had a great time – the food was great, the weather was perfect, and it was nice to meet some new people.

Holiday Monday I worked at the yoga studio for a few hours. It was definitely quieter than usual thanks to Canada Day, but it was kind of a nice change of pace.

I ended up going out for lunch with my dad and brother. We decided in our favorite neighborhood pub. The food was delicious as usual. I went with the burger. I’ve been craving meat like crazy lately, so that’s why I’ve eaten so many burgers. This time thought I decided to switch it up a bit and go with a lettuce wrapped one instead of with a bun.

I got together with my boyfriend again on Monday evening. We walked over to Leopold’s from his place to get dinner. It was my first time there and I was shocked when I saw the Punch Bowl Poutine on the menu.

How could anyone possibly eat that much food all on their own in one sitting? Poutine definitely isn’t a light dish. I can understand why they’d get a photo on the wall of fame!

We took Winston for a walk before settling on the couch to watch Inception on Netflix. It’s still such a cool movie even years after it was released. I remember trying to explain to someone what it was about the first time I had seen it and it was surprisingly tough to do.

I’m now off to work this morning to get this short week started. I expect that I’ll be confused with what day it is for the next few days – long weekends always throw me off!

Canada Day Long Weekend Highlights