I can’t believe that it’s already the last day of the 30 day meditation challenge! It feels like the last month has absolutely flown by. I’ve had a lot of exciting stuff happening in June which is probably why it feels like it’s gone by so quickly.

Because of all the stuff that I’ve been up to (creating my business and working towards getting it started), I’m actually really grateful that I made meditation a priority at the same time. With the endless to do lists that come with starting a business, it’s definitely been a challenge at night to wind down at bed time. Thankfully being consistent about meditating before bed has been helping with that.

In terms of the actual meditations I did, I cycled through the free beginner ones on the Headspace app throughout the month. There’s 10 of them so by the time I started back at the first one again I didn’t really remember it so it didn’t feel stale or like I had just listened to it.

In addition to using the app, I also went to a few yoga nidra classes throughout the month. I averaged one class per week, though I didn’t necessarily do a class each week, if that makes sense. Those meditations were always kind of fun, meditating for a longer time than just the 5 or 10 minutes that I was doing on Headspace, and doing it with an actual person leading the meditation. It was also really nice to be able to settle into a longer meditation for 30 or 40 minutes.

Like I mentioned above, when I meditated at home I almost always did it before bed which was really helpful in falling asleep. It can be a struggle sometimes to “turn off” my mind and settle down, but meditation helps make that transition easier.

900 Minutes of Meditation

I’ve really noticed a difference in being consistent with my meditation practice over the last month. In general I’m feeling like there’s less thoughts going through my head which is a good thing. I don’t get as distracted and I’ve been better at staying on track.

Now that I have the habit in place of meditating before bed, I’d like to keep that going even now that the challenge is done. It’s such a simple self care thing that I can do to help when I’m feeling anxious or settling down for bed. It kind of makes me wonder why I haven’t been doing it consistently for longer!

Do you meditate on a regular basis? What kind of meditations do you do?

30 Day Meditation Challenge Recap