The weekend is just about here and I can’t wait to spend some time outside.

The Rising Tide Society

Last week I spent some time with some other entrepreneurs at a Rising Tide Event. It was my first event with them so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m so glad that I ended up going because I learned a lot. The topic was using Instagram video and stories for marketing. I typically shy away from posting myself in my stories because I feel like I’m so awkward as soon as I turn on the video, but I got some really good tips and ideas to try it.

The Rising Tide Society has chapters all over the world, and it’s geared towards creative entrepreneurs. There was a good variety of people there and it was great to connect with the other attendees as well as learn from the speaker.

Village Ice Cream

Tuesday night I was at an event just outside of downtown. As I was leaving I texted my boyfriend and asked if he would be interested in walking over to Village Ice Cream with me. Village has the absolute best ice cream that I’ve ever tasted, so I figured it wouldn’t be hard to walk him into it.

We both ended up deciding on scoops of strawberry shortcake. There were big chunks of strawberries and pieces of shortcake in it. If you’re in Calgary and you’re craving ice cream, be sure to give this seasonal flavor a try. It was so good! I have yet to try a flavor that I didn’t love.


How cute are these two little succulents in their pots? I bought one (the spiky one on the right) at a garden center that I thought would look cute on my desk. I didn’t find any pots that I liked there, so I bought these pots on Amazon (similar ones are here – affiliate link).

Because they didn’t just come in singles, I had to buy another succulent to go in the other one. I found the one on the left at a different garden center and loved how different it was from the first one I bought.

Consignment Store Finds

I’ve been lucky lately at the consignment stores that I check out. I’ve had my eye on this LL Bean pullover in navy for awhile. By the time you factor in the CAD/USD conversion and duty, it was going to cost me just over $100, so I was waiting for it to go on sale.

I found this similar Eddie Bauer one in pink this week at the consignment store and I was super excited. I tried it on to see how I liked it and even though it’s not my first choice of color, it was only $16.

It was in really good condition – I wouldn’t find any wear on the cuffs or around the collar, which is where you’d think you’d find wear first. It’s almost exactly the same as the LL Bean one, so I went for it. For just a fraction of the cost I can be happy with pink instead of navy.

I also ended up picking up a button down shirt from the Gap for $4. The price tag originally had $8 on it, but they were having a sale so I got it for half price. I made out so well! It feels so good to not only get some stellar deals but also help the environment by buying previously loved clothing instead of new at the mall.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you shop at consignment or thrift stores?

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