It’s Monday fun day! I had one of the students at the yoga studio tell me that today and I liked it. Usually Monday is something that people dread and complain about, but sometimes you just have to embrace Monday’s and see it as a clean slate to get all the things done this week.

Today I’m sharing a recap of the highlights of my weekend, which include date night on Saturday and a Father’s Day lunch with my dad and brother yesterday. It turned out to be a pretty fun weekend.

I started off my weekend on Saturday morning with a piece of cinnamon bread from Cob’s Bread. They had a mini load of cinnamon bread that I thought looked interesting, so I decided to try it and I’m so glad that I did. It was delicious. If you have a Cob’s near you, consider getting some the next time you’re there. I toasted it and added some butter and it was perfect.

Saturday afternoon I headed over to my boyfriend’s place to go on their afternoon walk with them. It was raining for the first half of the walk and Winston wasn’t happy about it.

We had planned to go to the dog park again, but about half way there we decided to take shelter at an overhang at the central library and wait out the rain. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea because the steps were a popular spot. Winston loved watching everyone and keep an eye on what they were doing. He also tried to be sneaky and steal my umbrella by slowly moving closer and close to it until he had his chin on the handle of it and he tried to bite it. Winston definitely isn’t very stealthy.

Once the rain stopped we decided to just head back to my boyfriend’s place. In the space of three blocks Winston got complimented three times that he was a beautiful dog with his brindle on his back. My boyfriend and I also got told by one of those people that we looked good together too and he could tell that we would be together a long time if we’re patient with each other.

We stopped by a consignment store a couple blocks away from my boyfriend’s condo so I could have a quick look around. They had a sign on the window that they were a dog friendly store, so they stayed by the door while I did a really quick browse. I’ll have to go back soon when I don’t have a puppy and boyfriend in tow because there were a lot of cute things in there.

Once we had dropped off Winston, my boyfriend and I decided to walk along 17th Ave (there’s a ton of restaurants and pubs along there) and find somewhere to have dinner. We ended up at Pin Bar again – we had eaten there a few weeks ago.

Once again the food was delicious. I went with the California club sandwich. It had turkey, chicken, ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and avocado on it and was just as delicious as it sounds. I ended up abandoning the bun half way through eating it and just going for the good stuff inside the sandwich. When you know you won’t be able to finish it you have to prioritize!

We spent the rest of the night watching Netflix. We watched a comedy special and Jurassic Park 2. It’s been years and years since I had seen Jurassic Park 2 and the only thing that I remembered about it was when the trailer falls off the cliff and they somehow all manage to survive by holding onto a rope. It was just as ridiculous 20 years later.

My boyfriend was nice enough to share the last of his french toast and candied bacon with me. We found it last weekend and decided to try it. It works surprisingly well as ice cream. We never should have doubted it in the first place because it’s from Made by Marcus and they always have delicious ice cream.

I spent most of Sunday with my dad and brother to celebrate Father’s Day. My dad decided that he wanted to go to Half Hitch Brewing out in Cochrane for his meal, so that’s where we went. My brother and dad had been there before but I hadn’t, so I was happy to check out a new place to eat.

My dad and I shared a beer flight. From left to right they were an apple cider, a strawberry infused IPA, a pineapple beer, and an apricot sour. The cider and apricot sour were my two favorites. The cider was on the drier side which was a nice surprise. We actually tried to buy a growler of it to take home but unfortunately their growlers were on back order.

I ordered their pulled pork sandwich which came with apple cole slaw on a pretzel bun. It was delicious and my only complaint about the food was that they put so much in the sandwich that it was hard and messy to eat. The service wasn’t great but the food beer was really good, so I think I’ll be back. If you spent Father’s Day with your dad how did you celebrate?

What was the highlight of your weekend? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Weekend Highlights: Date Night + Father’s Day