Today I’ll be recapping how the first half of my 30 day meditation challenge has been going so far. Spoiler: it’s been great so far.

I started off the challenge by doing two yoga nidras on June 1st and 2nd. The first one was at the Yoga Shala as part of an open house. There were a ton of people there, which was great to see for a nidra class.

I took the other yoga nidra class at Yoga in Bowness on June 2nd. I hadn’t been to that class before but I really enjoyed it. I talked to the teacher after class because her nidra really reminded me of one of my teachers from yoga teacher training. She said that she’s really good friends with the instructor I had and she was flattered that her nidra class made me think of her.

The rest of my meditations so far have been using the Headspace app. I’ve written about it here in case you’re not familiar about it. I really like it, and it works with my type A non-woo woo personality. I never thought that I would have been someone who would meditate regularly.

So far I’ve only missed one day. I had gotten home late from an event after work and I ended up going to bed and forgetting to do my meditation. Since then I’ve enabled the notifications on Headspace, so I’ve been getting reminders to meditate at 8 pm. Hopefully I won’t forget again before the challenge is over.

I really like the habit I’ve gotten into of meditating before bed. It’s tough for me to small asleep some nights because It’s tough to shut off my brain – I think about what I have on my to do list for tomorrow, my schedule, and if I’m forgetting anything for the morning.

Meditation gives me a way to stop that constant stream of thoughts and allow myself to relax before falling asleep. If you have trouble falling asleep at night too you’ll know what I mean.

I’ll be posting again at the end of the month to share how the rest of the challenge went.

30 Day Meditation Challenge: The First 15 Days