I’ve mentioned both the Cover Girl Exhibitionist Mascara and Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream on the blog before (here for the mascara and here for the body cream), but now that I’ve been using them for awhile I thought that it was time for reviews.

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The Cover Girl Exhibitionist Mascara (affiliate link) in very black is budget friendly – I found it on sale at a drug store for just under $10 – regularly $12 if I remember correctly. I went with very black, but there were also brown and brownish black options.

I liked that the mascara formula wasn’t clumpy at all when it went onto my eyelashes. I hate clumpy mascara – it makes my eye lashes look terrible and it’s a pain to try to fix. Does anyone else get mascara all over their fingertips too trying to get rid of the clumps?

I really like the design of the brush. The wider end was really helpful at coating the smaller lashes at the inside corners of my eyes with mascara. They can be tricky to get sometimes, so I’m all about anything that can make it a bit easier.

This isn’t so much about the mascara, but I always make sure to curl my lashes before applying mascara. It makes such a big difference in the final result. I have straight lashes, so it’s really noticeable when I take the time to curl them before putting mascara on.

When I was at the drug store looking for body creams there were a lot to pick from, as usual. I ended up spending a bit more on this one that I usually would, but I think it’s definitely worth it. It’s lasted me a few months of applying it daily.

Alba Botanica has a few different varieties, but I decided to go with the kukuli nut one (affiliate link) because it smells so good. I think it feels extra luxurious when I put it on because it smells amazing. I have to be careful about fragrances because they can sometimes cause reactions with my sensitive skin, but I didn’t have any issues.

A few highlights about it ingredients:

  • it’s hypo-allergenic
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • no parabens or phthalates
  • no animal testing
  • no artificial colors or harsh sulfates

It has a really rich and creamy formula – I’ve found it to be extremely moisturizing, thought it does take a few minutes for it to fully soak into my skin. It does feel a bit “greasy” until it soaks in, but it’s so worth it for the moisturizing benefits. I usually put it on right before bed so that I’m not really touching anything.

I’ve used it on my hands, elbows, and feet – all of the really dry spots that I struggle to keep moisturized. It’s definitely made a difference on all of those body parts.

What’s your current favorite mascara? Body cream? I always love to hear what other people are using, so share in the comments below.

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Cover Girl Exhibitionist Mascara + Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream Reviews