Another weekend has come and gone. It was a pretty good one for me – I hope it was for you too. I had a good mix of spending time with family, my boyfriend, and working out. Of course there was some good food involved too.

On Friday my brother recruited my help in getting my dad a new TV. One of his co-workers was getting rid of their only a few months old TV, so my brother and I went over to pick it up. My Dad has been talking about getting a new TV for awhile, and my brother thought it would be perfect for him.

When we showed up at the house with it he was pretty surprised. We obviously still needs to get it set up permanently – that stool is just temporary until he figures out where in the room he wants to put it. My brother set it up with Chromecast so my Dad can watch YouTube, Facebook videos, and Netflix on it. He’s really happy with it so far. It was really fun to help surprise him.

The three of us then went out for lunch at a new to us place for Thai food. Tuk Tuk has a couple locations in Calgary. How cool was this table? A little boy (5 or 6 years old) and his dad were sat at it right after I took this photo and the son was so excited about it. It was pretty cute.

The food packaging was really cool. My dad and brother really liked the food, though I found my cashew chicken a bit spicier than I typically like. I would go back, but try something else (that’s hopefully a bit more mild).

Friday night I headed over to Market Collective. It’s a market with artists and artisans from around Calgary and the surrounding area. They have them pop up across the city every few months. I always try to make it out for them – there’s so many talented people in Calgary!

One thing I noticed was that there were a ton of scrunchies at the market. I suppose that they’re officially making a comeback now. I remember having a couple of them when I was in elementary school. Hopefully that’s the extent of the 80’s fashion comebacks!

Since I was already downtown I headed over to my boyfriend’s place for date night. We decided to get dinner at Vagabond, where I ordered the chicken club burger on a lettuce bun. It had a grilled chicken breast, avocado, tomato, and a delicious sauce. I’ve ordered it a few times now and it’s always delicious.

On the walk back to my boyfriend’s place we came across these gorgeous trees that were blooming with these beautiful pink flowers. Even in the middle of downtown you can find a pretty display of nature.

I played with Winston the bulldog while we watched the Captain Marvel movie. Winston was clearly winning the war with his beaver toy. Even though Winston is only 8 months old and 45 pounds, he’s surprisingly strong when he wants to be. I had to hold on tight to the toy!

Saturday morning I headed over to the gym since Friday was my rest day. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical doing steady state cardio. My knees are feeling so much better with the lower volume and extra rest day this week.

After I got home, showered, and ate breakfast, I headed out to a yin yoga class at Yoga in Bowness. When I parked this sign was set up. Apparently the Calgary marathon route went right outside the yoga studio on Sunday.

I never would have thought a few years ago that I would have enjoyed slower paced yin classes as much as I do now. I left feeling so good (especially my hips). There was a great energy in the room, so it was a really fun class to take.

Saturday afternoon I met up with someone that I’ll be helping with yoga classes in Baker Park over the summer. It starts up this Sunday from 2 to 3 pm, and all the classes be all level flow classes. The cost of the class is a $5 to $20 donation, and each week we’ll be supporting a different organization. You can donate online ahead of time on Eventbrite, or at the park when you arrive for class if you have cash. If you’re interested in coming or staying up to date on the classes throughout the summer, follow along on Facebook.

I had a craving for barbecued hamburgers for dinner on Saturday night, so I made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some hamburger patties, a salad kit, and chips. Chips go so well with barbecued hamburgers. Speaking of chips, check out this video about making gourmet Doritos. I know it’s a long video, but it’s worth a watch.

The rain ended up stopping for long enough to cook dinner outside on the deck on Saturday, so it was perfect timing. It was just as delicious as I was hoping it would be.

I started off my Sunday morning at the gym for another cardio workout. I stayed up too late Saturday night watching Netflix, so it was tough to talk myself into getting up when my alarm went off.

Luckily I got myself moving after only pressing snooze once. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 10 minute cool down of walking. Of course as soon as I was done I was so glad that I did my workout. A sweaty selfie to prove that I went!

I spent the rest of Sunday hanging out around the house, cleaning (it’s never ending, isn’t it?), reading, and getting some blogging work done. It felt really good to spend part of the weekend around the house.

Before I end off here I wanted to share an idea I had for the blog. I’ve been thinking of doing a meditation challenge. Since it’s the end of May, I thought a month long challenge for June would be perfect. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but I just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone would be interested in doing it with me. If you are, comment below, email me, or DM me on social media. It would be fun to have some people to do it with.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Does your city or town host a marathon?

Weekend Highlights: Market Collective + Date Night