The only activity I did on Sunday was a short walk. It only lasted about 25 minutes, but it was great to have an active rest day.


I started my workouts this week off at the gym on the elliptical.

I spent 40 minutes doing steady state cardio and finished it off with 10 minutes of walking the track for my cool down.


My Tuesday cardio workout was pretty similar to the one I did the day before – a total of 50 minutes for my workout. The first 40 were spent on the elliptical before I finished off on the track for the last 10 minutes.

Since I was doing my karma shift at the yoga studio on Tuesday, I got to take a restorative nidra class. It’s honestly not a class I would have typically gone to, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite for me. The first half of class was spent doing some restorative poses, while the second half was a nidra meditation.


When I got to the gym on Wednesday I hopped on an elliptical again and got in 35 minutes before I did my cool down on the track. I’ve tried cooling down on the elliptical before, but my heart rate just doesn’t come down low enough.


My last cardio workout of the week was 45 minutes on the elliptical with a 10 minute cool down. I started to feel little niggly thing in my knee during this workout, so I made sure to take Friday off from cardio. It wasn’t anything that really hurt, but I was definitely noticing something if that makes sense.

Thursday night I took a yin and restore yoga class. The first half of the class is yin based (longer holds focused on the joints) followed by restorative poses. I always feel amazing when I leave class, and as a result I fell asleep really quickly. Such a great way to end the day.


Instead of heading to the gym on Friday, I made my way to the yoga studio. A good friend of mine teaches a flow and restore class that I love going to, but I don’t get there nearly as much as I would like.

I was really happy to make it yesterday though. She once again led us all through a great practice that involved some warrior 3’s (they’re always a bit tricky for me because my balance isn’t great). We ended with a few restorative poses before ending the class with savasana. I felt like a million bucks by the time class was over.


My plan for today is to head to the gym to get some cardio in.

This Week’s Meals

This is what my grocery cart looked like this week. I stocked up on ingredients for smoothies because I was out of both yogurt and frozen berries. I also tried some new to me chicken burgers. I’m trying to eat more protein, so I figured going with something that I could barbecue would be a good idea (more on the chicken burgers below).

Sunday night I went out with my dad and brother. I ordered a really good caprese chicken sandwich.

It was a balsamic glazed chicken breast on a ciabatta bun with tomato, mozzarella cheese, and pesto. It was just as delicious as it sounds.

I barbecued half the chicken burgers (I always try to make leftovers when I cook) for lunch on Monday. They took less than 15 minutes to cook on the barbecue, so it was a super quick meal to make.

I paired the chicken burger with some ranch salad dressing to dip it in (such a tasty combination) and an Asian salad kit Fresh Express. The salad had romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots, green onions, sliced almonds, and a sweet ginger dressing. It was delicious, which is why I was eating it all week and it’s in so many of these photos.

I made a chicken and vegetable stir fry one night this week for dinner. I sauteed two chicken breasts and then added a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and water chestnuts to the pan. It’s tough to see, but there is rice under all those veggies and chicken.

We were obviously taking advantage of the nice weather earlier this week and we barbecued smokies on Wednesday night. They were the President’s Choice cheddar smokies and we both really liked them. I have a feeling we’ll be eating them throughout the summer months.

In my quest to get in more protein, there’s nothing better than tuna. It has a ton of protein in it with very little fat or carbs. I mixed some mayo into the tuna to make some tuna salad which I ate along side some more of the Asian salad and half a chocolate chip muffin from Tim Horton’s.

Besides meals, there were also some other things that I ate this week.

I was at Starbucks twice this week – once to get some blog work done, and once for an interview. Both times I ordered a green tea. I find that Starbucks tends to add so much to drinks, it’s tough to find things that aren’t full of sugar. If you have a low sugar drink at Starbucks that isn’t coffee, let me know what it is!

This Jacklink’s beef jerky was on sale at the grocery store, so I ended up picking up a couple bags of it. This teriyaki flavor was definitely my favorite.

What’s your favorite non-coffee drink at Starbucks that isn’t full of sugar? Favorite thing to barbecue?

Weekly Workouts and Meals May 18 2019