Another weekend is nearly here! I hope you have some fun stuff to look forward to this weekend. I’m taking a really good friend’s yoga class this morning, going to a live Etsy shopping event tomorrow, and going to one of my favorite yoga classes on Sunday. I predict that it’s going to be a good weekend. Do you have any big plans for the next few days?

Sephora Lip Gloss in Rose Petal

I’ve always been a fan of the Sephora brand lip glosses since the last time I went to France and stepped foot into my first Sephora. It had been awhile since I had last bought one, so when I was in need of a lip gloss I got myself to a Sephora.

I typically go for neutral or pink colors when it comes to lip glosses, so when I saw Rose Petal (affiliate link), I knew that it was the color for me. It looks so pretty on, and adds just a touch of shine.

I’m all about the lip glosses and balms. I always need something on my lips. What are your favorites?

Girl Guide Cookies

I was involved in Guiding for 10 or 12 years as a kid. As someone who moved twice (between grades 3 and 4 and then again between grades 7 and 8) I was very grateful to have it. Moving was really tough as tween/teen, and having Guiding there meant that something was the same, no matter what city or province I was in. It was also a great way for me to make friends. In fact, I met my best friend when I lived in Toronto through Guiding!

I sold cases and cases of Girl Guide cookies as a kid. I remember my dad taking them to work for me and going door to door in the neighborhood with a friend to see if anyone wanted to buy some.

Needless to say, now whenever my dad or I see someone selling them, we always buy a box, which is how we got this box of cookies. I remember how much work it took to sell a box, so I’m willing to support them. They come with both chocolate and vanilla cookies, but my favorite ones are definitely the vanilla cookies.

Ordering clothes online and it all fits and looks good

I took advantage of 40% off sale at Gap over the weekend and ordered some clothes on Sunday. I ended up getting 9 things, thinking that once I got them, tried them on, and saw how they looked on me, I would end up returning at least a few of the pieces. As much as I might like something online, a weird cut or a slightly different color than the photo can make a big difference.

My order arrived yesterday and I tried everything on. To my shock everything fit, and I thought it was all really cute, so I ended up keeping everything. That never, ever happens to me. I think this might be the first time that I’ve kept every piece of clothing that I’ve ordered online.

My favorite things that I bought are these girlfriend twill stripe chinos (affiliate link) and this eyelet embroidered striped blouse (affiliate link). The Gap has so many cute things right now. If you haven’t shopped there in awhile make sure you give them another look.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? What stores are you finding cute clothes at lately?

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Friday Favorites May 10 2019