In today’s post I’ll be sharing some fun stuff that I’ve been up to this month.

Getting closer to teaching yoga

I’m slowly but surely getting insurance and paperwork squared away. I’m now a member of the Yoga Alliance. I’ve been sending out resumes to studios and getting my name out there. I might even be helping out with an outdoor yoga class sat a park over the summer. Be in the look out for more details about that closer to June. It’s so exciting to be so close to sharing something that I love with others!

Focusing on cardio at the gym

Summer is almost here (despite the massive snow storm we had on Saturday night), and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time in the mountains hiking. I’m so grateful that I love so close to such beautiful scenery, and I want to make sure that I take advantage of their close proximity.

I’ve been doing lots of cardio lately at the gym to prepare for hiking. Hiking just about anywhere in the mountains means that there will be lots of elevation gain, so I’ve been playing around with inclines on the treadmill and the intensity on the elliptical. It’ll pay off in another month or two when I’m not completely winded going up the side of a mountain.

Embracing slower paced yoga classes

Since I started yoga teacher training way back in September 2019, I was all about the tough, sweaty classes that really made you work hard. My first introduction to yoga was ashtanga yoga. I thought that that’s what all yoga was like. Now that I’ve had a chance to try many different types of yoga, ashtanga is still my favorite, but I definitely appreciate slower paced classes more now.

Yin and restorative classes leave me feeling amazing in a totally different way than ashtanga classes do. I’m typically a very go go go person with to do lists and thinking about what I need to get done next. Slower paced classes slow down my mind as well as my body.

What’s been the highlight of your April? Share it in the comments below.

Life Lately April 2019