It’s nearly the weekend! This week was a busy one for me, but the best kind of busy. I feel like I got a lot accomplished. This weekend I have some fun stuff planned. I’m heading downtown this morning to check out the Parade of Wonders that’s put on my the Calgary Comic Con. I’m expecting lots of cool costumes (I’m mostly hoping for Harry Potter ones to be completely honest). I hope you have some fun things planned for the weekend too.

And now to some of my favorite things from the past week!

The Magdalen Girls

I had The Magdalen Girls (affiliate link) on hold from the library and it finally come up last week. I didn’t start reading it til Friday though, and I was instantly sucked into the story lines.

It follows two main teenaged girl characters who end up at a Magdalene laundry in Dublin. It was heartbreaking to read about how badly they were mistreated, forced to work under harsh conditions, and judged both by the religious sisters and their communities back home.

It’s hard to believe that girls and women were forced into homes to do such hard work. I can only imagine how alone and scared they must have felt.

The yoga community in Calgary

Now that I’m done my yoga teacher training, I’m starting to realize what a great yoga community there is in Calgary. There are so many opportunities for yoga teachers to give back, like volunteering with Sheep Creek Yoga Collective or even volunteering your time teaching karma classes. Now that I’m looking for them, I’m realizing just how many opportunities there are.

It makes me really happy to see that so many yogis in Calgary really get what yoga is about and taking it off their mat and into the community. Asana, or the poses are just part of yoga – there’s so much more to it.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Peel Off Mask

I was sent this mask for free from Chick Advisor in exchange for a review. I’ve used it twice this week and I’m liking it so far. I learned the hard way the first time I used it that you have to put on a thicker layer than you think you’ll need, to make peeling it off afterwards easier.

I liked the scent of it (so fruity) and the fact that it didn’t irritate my skin. This Aveeno mask (affiliate link) is definitely something that I can see myself buying again once I’ve used up this one.

What are you currently reading? Favorite thing from the past week?

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Friday Favorites April 26 2019

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