I hope you all had a good holiday weekend if you celebrate Easter. Did you get Easter candy? I’ve been slowly making a dent in my chocolate over the last few days. It’s so hard to resist! We didn’t have an Easter dinner this weekend. because we celebrated last weekend.

Friday started off with a morning flow and restore yoga class. It ended up being more flow than restore because the teacher thought that the class was 90 minutes instead of 75. I kind of liked the longer flow portion of the class actually.

I had ordered this Yoga for Everyone (affiliate link) book on Thursday and it arrived at my door less than 24 hours later thanks to Amazon Prime. If you’re a yoga teacher that’s at all interested in creating more accessible classes for your students, you should check out this book. Dianne Bondy shares all kinds of accessible yoga info on her social media too.

I spent Friday night on the couch watching Halt and Catch Fire. I fell in love with it when it was on AMC the first time around, and I’m so glad that it’s on Netflix so I can watch the series again. The first season is set in Texas in the 80’s just as computers and the internet are starting to take off. It follows four main characters who are all in that industry over 10 or 12 years by the end of the fourth season.

The writing and acting are both superb. It’s also pretty cool to see how the things that we take for granted today (the internet, search engines, etc.) were brand new a couple decades ago. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, check out Halt and Catch Fire.

Saturday night was date night for my boyfriend and I. We walked over to Vagabond for dinner, where I ordered the reuben sandwich. As usual, the food was delicious. Their side salads are actually really good. They put pickled onion in them and I’m a huge fan of anything vegetable that’s pickled (onions, carrots, radishes, I love them all). The sauce on the reuben was amazing. One of the servers told me that she like to dip fries in it.

When we got back to my boyfriend’s place it was time to feed his bulldog, Winston. He got some wet dog food with leftover breakfast kibbles on top. Needless to say, he’s a messy eater. He ended up going back after and getting the kibbles that he spilled on the floor.

We watched Mile 22 on Netflix. It was your typical action movie with Mark Wahlberg with lots of explosions and plot twists. It’s one of those movies you watch when you don’t want to have to think too hard about what’s happening.

Sunday morning I headed over to the Yoga Shala for a beginner ashtanga class. Although it was a beginner class, it was tough. We went through a good chunk of the primary series. I’m pretty sure I was sweating a couple sun salutations into class and didn’t stop sweating until we were well into the seated poses.

It was a great class and even though I was sweaty and tired when I left, I felt fantastic. I’m pretty sure that part of it us due to the focus on the breath. Usually it’s not something that I pay attention to, but I’m always reminded in class that it should be my first priority, even more than the postures.

Sunday afternoon I took my dad to a new coffee shop. He likes checking out new restaurants and people watching, so I figured it would be right up his alley. He said that his coffee and date square he got were delicious. He was even checking out the menu and planning his next time there for breakfast. I’d say it was a successful outing.

I started reading The Magdalen Girls (affiliate link) on Friday and had a hard time putting it down all weekend. I’m about 70% of the way through and I can tell that it won’t take me more than another day or two to finish it. It follows three Irish teenaged girls who have been sent to a convent because they’ve been labels as “bad kids”. They’re not treated very well, forced to work long hours, and are planning how to escape the harsh conditions.

What’s your favorite thing to eat at Easter dinner? Easter candy?

Highlight of your weekend?

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Easter Weekend 2019 Highlights