It’s hard to believe that the weekend is already over. It always seems to fly by so fast. I was looking forward to some down time this weekend and I got it. It felt good to wake up in the morning and know that I didn’t have anything that I needed to do.

Happy hour with my favorite people at Vagabond

My boyfriend invited my Dad, brother, and I for a walk with Winston, his Bulldog puppy, and then to Vagabond for happy hour for a late lunch/early dinner. My Dad and brother hadn’t met Winston yet so they were looking forward to it.

Yep, the little guy still has his cone on. He has a follow up appointment with the vet today and hopefully his surgery site and eye are healing fine and he’ll get the okay to take off the cone. He’ll be so happy to have it gone!

We walked with Winston for about half an hour before we returned to my boyfriend’s condo so he could take Winston back home and the rest of us headed over to Vagabond.

Since it was happy hour their pizzas were on special. Needless to say, it didn’t take too much encouragement for me to order the falafel pizza again. It was just as good as the first time. Everyone else said that they enjoyed their meals too.

I have to admit that it was really nice to have all of my favorite people together. It doesn’t happen very often, and with everything that’s happened over the past few months I really appreciate having them all together and being able to spend time with them.

A really great at home yoga practice

I typically don’t practice yoga at home very often. There’s just something about a class setting that is so much more enjoyable for me. Part of it is having someone else figure out the sequencing of the class, and the other part is the energy of the room with the other students.

This weekend thought I decided that I needed an at home yoga practice on my own. I have to admit that there’s something to be said for just going with the flow and doing just what feels good for your body. There were a lot of cat/cows, heart openers (camel, bridge, etc.), child’s poses, and hamstring stretches. Having the freedom to do exactly what I wanted, when I wanted felt really good.

If you’re like me and it’s been awhile since you’ve practiced on your own at home, I highly recommend you give it a go. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would!

Spending Sunday morning reading

I’m one of those people who’s typically up early and getting to it right away. On weekdays I’m usually at the gym on the elliptical within half an hour of waking up. Once I shower and eat I then get down to work.

Sunday morning though I took it slow. It was a scheduled rest day so I slept in late (for me) until 7:30 and then I stayed in bed reading (Good in Bed (affiliate link) because I’m always wondering what other people are reading so I figured I should share) for awhile.

It felt so good to wake up slowly on my own without an alarm. And then I didn’t have to get up right away, and I lounged in my bed reading. Now, would I want to start every day like that? Probably not – I’m too type A, I would want to get started on my do to list most days – but yesterday it was exactly the way that I needed to start my day.

What was the favorite part of your weekend? Share it in the comments below.

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Weekend Highlights April 8 2019