I’ve been feeling all the yoga practices this week (ashtanga on Sunday, yin on Monday night, and a flow and restore class last night), but I can’t leave out the heart pumping cardio workouts either. I’ve been on the elliptical twice so far this week. I’m planning a few more of both workouts to round out the week.

Last night’s flow and restore class was so good. We start off the class with a very modified and quick primary series of ashtanga yoga. There’s just something about that sequence of poses that feels so good to me. We spent the last part of class enjoying some restorative postures before going into savasana. It’s the perfect combination of working hard and sweating followed by resting and simply being present. If you haven’t tried a flow and restore class before I highly recommend it!

And now onto today’s workout.

You’ll perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. You’ll repeat the same thing with each exercise on the list. For a full workout repeat 4 times through for a 24 minute workout that will be sure to leave you sweating and breathing hard. I’ve added descriptions of the exercises below the graphic just in case you need a refresher on any of them.

If you’re not feeling the cardio workout today, check out my other workouts on the workouts page. They’re grouped by category so it’s easy to find whatever you want.

High knees

Starting in a standing position, quickly bring your left knee up in front of you as high as you can. Step back down and repeat with your right leg. Repeat.


With your knees slightly bent, jump to the right and land on your right leg with your left leg bent behind you with your foot just off the ground. Keep your left foot off the ground. Pushing off with your right foot, jump to the left and land on your left foot, keeping your right leg bent and right foot off the ground behind you.

Jumping jacks

Stand with feet together and arms at your sides. Jump both feet apart from each other while raising your hands above your head with straight arms. Jump your feet back together and lower your arms to the starting position. 

Side shuffles

Stand with feet hip width apart and knees bent so you’re slightly squatting. Leading with your left foot, shuffle sideways. Then shuffle to the right with your right food leading. Move as quickly as possible.

Butt kicks

Stand with your feet hip width apart and your arms bent comfortably at the elbow. Bend your left knee and bring the heel of your left foot behind you so that it touches your butt. Lower your left foot back down to the ground and repeat with your right foot.

What’s your favorite cardio exercise?

Talk to your doctor before beginning to workout. Honor your body and modify this workout as needed for you.

Cardio Workout