Happy April Fool’s Day! Did anyone fall for a joke today? I’m hoping that I won’t. I never trust engagement announcements on April Fool’s day. Today I’m sharing some of the highlights of my weekend.

Dog karma yoga

This was probably my favorite part of the weekend. I went to a karma class (donations were going to a local rescue organization, AARCS) on Saturday afternoon where dogs were welcome to come with their owners.

The little one on the left is Josie (a rescue that came from Texas to Calgary) and Cincy on the right. It was so much fun doing yoga with the dogs in the room. They were off leash and able to walk around the room (or lounge on a yoga mat) while we were practicing.

This sweet girl was so laid back and calm. She was a good example for the humans in the room! She laid right by my mat for a few minutes just taking everything in.

That blurry golden retriever’s name was Jerry and was a sneaky sock thief – he managed to get hold of a couple pairs of them throughout the class. They got taken away pretty quickly, but it was pretty cute.

If you have the chance to go to a dog yoga class I highly recommend it! Not only do I get to support a great organization but I also got to spend an hour with some adorable doggos.

Date Night

Saturday was date night for my boyfriend and I. We walked over to Vagabond for happy hour. It’s become our go to place for my boyfriend and I. We took advantage of happy hour and we both ordered the falafel pizza. He’d had it before and raved about it, so I figured I should give it a try too. It had pieces of falafels, shredded lettuce, tomato, sweet donair sauce, and cheese on a thin crust. It definitely wasn’t your typical pizza, but it was absolutely delicious. I have a feeling I’ll be ordering it again.

When we got back to my boyfriend’s place we played with his Bulldog puppy, Winston. He got his very first ball last week, so he had fun chasing after it down the hall. He wasn’t so happy though about being asked to sit before I would roll the ball for him.

My boyfriend and I ended the night by watching an episode of Bad Blood on Netflix. It’s about the Rizzuto crime family in Montreal. I’ve watched a few more episodes since then. Seriously, how did we do it before Netflix and we could only watch one episode a week of TV shows?

A really good ashtanga yoga class

I spent my Sunday morning at my favorite yoga studio taking a beginner ashtanga class. Don’t be misled by the name – I worked really hard. There were lots of modifications given and vinyasas were optional, but I was just about dripping in sweat at one point.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Leave a comment below.

Weekend Highlights April 1 2019