Since I was at yoga teacher training on Sunday, my workout obviously yoga. We didn’t practice in the morning, but we spent the afternoon doing some student teaching in small groups. Two people led classes in my group, so I got two hours of yoga in.


Rest day.


I was feeling like a sweaty workout, so I decided to go to yoga. I went with an ashtanga unwind class at my favorite yoga studio, the Yoga Shala. The first 40 minutes of the 75 minute class was a very brief primary series of ashtanga yoga followed by a few restorative poses held for 5 minutes or longer before ending the class with savasana.

I’m growing to really love the flow and restore format. In fact, the last class that I taught at teacher training was a flow and restore one. For me it combines the best of yoga – working hard, and then allowing my body to take rest and be present. If you haven’t tried a flow and restore class before I would highly recommend it!


Rest day.


I took a restorative yoga class on Thursday morning. I hadn’t been to one in quite awhile, so I thought it would be a good idea to attend one again. It also helped that one of my favorite restorative teachers was teaching it.

It was super relaxing and I left feeling so great. It’s easy for me to get caught up in my to do list and getting things done. I can get into the mindset of always looking ahead, and as a result it can be tough to be present. It didn’t take long for me to leave the to do list behind before I was feeling connected to my body and in the present moment.

In fact, I was feeling so good and relaxed that my Fitbit actually thought that I was asleep for most of the class. I’ve done a few hour long yoga nidras, and that’s never happened before. I was clearly relaxed on Thursday.


My plan yesterday was to go to a friend’s yoga class, but unfortunately on Thursday afternoon the garage door broke and my car stuck in the garage. Not having access to my car means it’s hard to get to yoga. Since I wasn’t able to make it this week, I’m hoping to make it next week.


My plan for today is to hopefully get to the gym for a cardio workout. That all depends on if I can get my car out of the garage early enough! We’re having someone come by today to hopefully fix it. If I can’t get to my car I’ll just take another rest day.

What was your favorite workout from the past week?

Weekly Workouts March 16 2019