Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts this week.

I only got in four workouts this week, but they were all good ones. I had an especially good yoga practice on Tuesday. More on that below!


I did two yoga practices at yoga teacher training. The morning practice was a flow based one that focused on the upper body. I was so sweaty by the time we were done.

The afternoon practices (we did two because we were teaching each other), were also both flow based. Between the morning and afternoon, I did nearly three hours of yoga.


I took a rest day on Monday. My upper body was pretty sore from all the yoga the day before.


Apparently I didn’t get enough yoga on the weekend at teacher training because I decided to go to a new to me yoga class – ashtanga unwind with one of my favorite teachers. It was a super sweaty first 3/4 of the class, where I worked really hard, and then a really relaxing and restoring last quarter of the class. It was exactly what I needed.


Rest day.


I didn’t feel like going to the gym so I decided to do an at home barre workout on YouTube. I forgot to bookmark it after I did it, so I can’t share the link, but it was a great workout. My glutes were burning by the time I was done.


I had an early morning dentist appointment to get some dental work done, so I took another rest day. By the time my appointment was over I was told the take the rest of the day off, so I decided to skip my cardio workout. I was on painkillers and I didn’t want to risk making the pain any worse.


My plan for today is to take a restorative yoga class this afternoon.

What was your favorite workout from the past week?

Weekly Workouts March 2 2019