Happy Tuesday! If you had the day off yesterday for the long weekend I hope you enjoyed your time off. I know I did. Today I’m sharing some highlights of my weekend.

I spent Friday night with my dad and brother. We decided that we didn’t feel like going out, so we ordered Skip the Dishes instead. We went with food from out favorite neighborhood pub. I ordered a hamburger and onion rings. Both were delicious!

Saturday afternoon I headed over to my boyfriend’s place for a date night. It was so cold and snowy out that I decided to take the train downtown instead of risk driving and getting into an accident.

I stopped at pet store on the way to get a couple treats for my boyfriend’s bulldog Winston. I was very glad once I got to my boyfriend’s place cause it was so cold out.

We ended up taking Winston for a walk in the parkade under his building. He wouldn’t have gotten very far outside, but being a puppy, he needs to get out his excess energy. I don’t think Winston cared that he wasn’t outside as long as he got his walk.

My boyfriend talked me into walking a few blocks to go get dinner instead of ordering delivery. Needless to say, leaving his place meant bundling up and leaving as little skin exposed as possible.

When we walked into Vagabond we were the only ones there. Apparently it had been pretty quiet because of the terrible weather and road conditions. It’s a good thing that we had been there before and knew that the food was good because I would have been suspicious of a restaurant that was empty.

When we got back to his place we watched Wreck It Ralph. I hadn’t seen it before but it was pretty cute. I thought John C Reilly was the perfect person to voice Ralph.

I took an Uber home for the first time! I don’t know how or why it took me so long to take an Uber – they’ve been in Calgary for a few years now. I was very glad that I didn’t have to drive and I got home safely.

I had actually forgotten that Monday was a holiday until my boyfriend mentioned it on Saturday. It’s always a nice surprise when you realize you have a long weekend. I did some menu planning, which included scheduling french toast with blueberries on top for dinner on Monday. They were delicious.

Now that you know about the highlights of my weekend, share one of yours in the comments below.

Weekend Recap February 18 2019