Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things from the past week.

Calgary is still in the midst of a deep freeze. It’s been over a week now with cold temperatures and snow. We’re supposed to get more snow this weekend. I’m more than ready for a break from the cold and snow, ugh. If anyone lives somewhere warm and is willing to share some warmer temperatures send it my way!

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday. I wasn’t able to see my boyfriend yesterday, but we have plans to get together this weekend. He doesn’t read the blog, so I can share that I got him some chocolate and a little something for his bulldog puppy.

If you’re not in a relationship, I hope you were still able to have a good day. I know it can be tough when you’re single and it feels like everyone is celebrating their partner. It can feel super lonely. Treating yourself to a glass of wine or a beer while watching a favorite movie or getting takeout at your favorite restaurant can make all the difference.

Gap Workout tops

Last week I bough two workout tops from the Gap’s website. They were on sale and there was a promo code for an additional 20% off sale prices. I was very happy when they arrived quickly and I was able to wear them at yoga teacher training.

Now that I’ve worn both of them and practiced yoga in them, I’m really like the shirts. They’re comfy and held up during the yoga practices without pulling or anything. If you’re looking to buy some new workout clothes, definitely check out Gap. They wouldn’t have been the first place I would have thought of to get workout clothes, but I know I’ll be getting more from the Gap in the future.


My dad bought me some guacamole this week, and it’s been absolutely delicious! It’s been awhile since I last had it and I’d forgotten how good it is. I’ve been putting guacamole on everything – from baked potatoes to chips to sandwiches. My dad makes some pretty good guacamole, so I’ll have to ask him to make it for me the next time I’m craving it.

Thoughts of Dog twitter account

If you still use twitter like I do, you’ll want to make sure that you follow Thoughts of Dog. It’s seriously the best account out there if you’re a dog lover. It makes me smile every time I read a new tweet. If you need a little pick me up, go read a few of Thoughts of Dog’s tweets. There’s quite the cast of characters, the human, the stuffed friend Sebastian (who is a stuffed elephant), and the skittle under the fridge.

What’s a favorite thing of yours from the past week?

Friday Favorites February 15 2019