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I was thinking the other day that since I’ve started yoga teacher training I’ve managed to find quite a few resources that have been really useful to me. I figured they might be useful for someone else too so I’m sharing them here. If you’re looking for some books for yoga teachers, I wrote a post about it here.

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

There’s so many great details on the muscles that are used in poses. The illustrations really help to visualize which muscles are stretched or contracted, as well as how modifications can affect the body. I think Yoga Anatomy (affiliate link) would be helpful even if you’re a seasoned yoga teacher. There’s always something to learn when it comes to anatomy.


I could probably do a whole post just on the great podcasts that I’ve found specifically for yoga teachers, but I’ll just share my two favorite ones here.

The Connected Yoga Teacher has new episodes every week. Shannon Crow hosts and always seems to ask her guests the questions that I’m thinking myself. Episodes include “Creating Professional Yoga Videos” and “trauma Sensitive Yoga”.

The Teacher Resource Podcast is a podcast that I recently discovered a month or two ago. Hosted by Mado Hesselink, she releases new episodes every Thursday. Recent episodes include “Plan Your Classes Like a Pro” and “sales for Yoga Teachers”.

Your classmates

This might seem like an obvious one, but I completely overlooked it until I was already half way through yoga teacher training. We’ve connected online through a Facebook group so we can share notes or ask questions. They’re also a great group to bounce ideas off of. Not sure about a transition from one pose to another works? Ask them how it feels when they try it. Ask if they’d be willing to look over a class outline for you. Vent about how nervous you are before teacher and you’ll probably find someone who understands.

Yoga Notes

I’ve mentioned this ebook before, but I thought it would be worth adding here too. Being able to sketch poses instead of just writing out the names is so helpful to me when I’m planning out a class. It’s easier for me to put sequences together. I bought the ebook, but you can also get a physical book as well. The ebook was super easy to print out and it didn’t take a ton of ink.

Facebook groups

I’m a member of a few yoga teacher groups – both based here in Calgary and global ones – and they’ve all been great. People are so willing to share their knowledge and advice when questions are asked. No matter what kind of teaching situation to find yourself in, there’s always someone who’s experienced something similar and will share what worked for them.

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Resources for Yoga Teachers in Training