Today I’m sharing a recap of my 9th weekend of yoga teacher training.

I was pretty nervous going into this weekend’s yoga teacher training because I knew that I would have to teach a 45 minute class that I created to a small group of fellow teachers in training. I know it sounds kind of silly considering I want to teach when I’m done, but I was really nervous. It ended up turning out pretty good and I learned a lot this weekend.

Friday PM

Since we had to get through so many people teaching their 45 minutes classes (there’s 26 of us in teacher training), that’s all we did on Friday night. We were split into four groups with three people teaching per group. The instructor had asked for volunteers via email earlier in the week to see if anyone wanted to go on Friday rather than Sunday afternoon, so I gladly emailed him back and told him that I would. I was looking forward to getting it done early and not have it hanging over my head for the whole weekend.

Waiting to teach on Friday was probably worse than actually teaching. Who of my other classmates went first, and then it was my turn. I had timed it out pretty well because I only had a take a couple poses out to make sure I came in right at 45 minutes. I had written an outline of the class (with sketches of each pose next to the same of each pose) which really helped because there was no way I could have remembered the class with the nerves I had.

Unfortunately I wasn’t very present, though the feedback I got was that I looked calm and like I knew what I was doing. I have no idea how I managed to pull that off. Next time I’ll also have to add some more cues and actually leave my mat! It’s so easy to get caught up in doing every single pose with the class, but watching them for form and making use of the space is important.

My favorite piece of positive feedback was that they liked my meditation and centering at the beginning. I feel like that’s one part of the class that I’m not as strong in, so it felt good to be told that they liked it.

Saturday AM

We started Saturday doing some anatomy. We covered the biceps and triceps. The rest of the morning was spent doing a kundalini practice. It was my first time trying that kind of yoga, so I learned a lot. We had a guest teacher come in to take us through the practice and I really liked her. She really knew her stuff and explained things as we were going them. She was also happy to answer our questions.

Saturday PM

The afternoon was spent immersed in yoga philosophy. We talked about the 5 vrittis – pramana (correct knowledge), viraya (incorrect knowledge), vikalpa (imagination/fantasy), nidra (sleep), and smrti (memory). As with a lot of the yoga philosophy that we’ve covered so far in teacher training, the vrittis were new to me.I love that I get to fill in those gaps in my yoga knowledge so that once I finish and graduated I’ll have a really well rounded concept of yoga that I’ll be able to pass on to my students.

Sunday AM

We started off Sunday morning talking about the sternocleidomastoid – one of the muscles on either side of the neck. We also did a really great 20 minute meditation and stretch focused on the shoulders and neck which felt amazing! I tend to hold stress in my shoulders and I felt so different after compared to before.

We spent the rest of the morning workshopping some inversions, insluding forearm stands, handstands, headstands, and scorpion. I’m really excited that I now have some great cues and a much better understanding of these poses to share with students in my classes once I start teaching, even if those poses aren’t a part of my practice at the moment.

Sunday PM

We finished the weekend with some more teaching. The people who didn’t get a chance to teach on Friday taught on Sunday. It’s so cool to see how much people have improved and started to come into their own as yoga teachers. I think everyone has really grown a lot since we first started yoga teacher training back in September.

Final Thoughts

I’m getting more and more comfortable teaching yoga in front of a group of people (even if it’s only a small group at the moment). I definitely have lots of room to grow, but teaching in Friday night gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed.

We only have three more weekends of yoga teacher training left to go before we’re done. I’ll be out in the world as a yoga teacher at the end of March! I’m getting pretty excited to be able to offer classes once I’m done.

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 9