Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts this past week.


At yoga teacher training we did a super sweaty one and a half hour ashtanga yoga practice. I ended up doing some poses that I’d hadn’t tried before, so it was fun to try some new to me poses. I was so tired by the time the practice was over, but I also felt so good.


Sunday morning at yoga teacher training we worked on forearm balances. They were completely new to me, so once again it was fun to try something new.

I was surprised at how sore my shoulders and triceps were though. It didn’t feel like I was working them that much while I was actually doing the forearm stands, but thinking back on it now, it makes sense because the forearm stands were new to me.

Needless to say, I needed a rest day so I took one. It was tough just to wash my hair on Monday morning. I was so sore!


I took another rest day on Tuesday. I think I was still tired from the ashtanga practice on Sunday, and couple with my still sore upper body, I just needed another easy day.


I decided to do an at home yoga practice on Wednesday. I just made up my own flow. I kind of wish that I had written it down afterwards because it was a fun little practice.

I typically don’t make up my own flows when I’m practicing at home because I end to get distracted if I don’t have someone else to follow. I managed to focus for 30 minutes on Wednesday though.


I decided to get outside for a walk on Thursday. The forecast had snow and cold weather coming, so I wanted to spend some time outside while I could.


I did a barre class on YouTube. I forgot to bookmark the workout I did after I was done, and I never remember which ones I do, so I can’t share the link with you guys. I do remember that it was a good workout though.


I’m considering doing a group fitness class this afternoon. I’ll have to convince myself to leave the house and venture out into the cold though. If it doesn’t happen then I’ll just take a rest day instead.

Weekly Workouts February 2 2019