I’m sharing a recap of my workouts this week.

This week I didn’t have a whole lot of motivation for workouts. I took an extra rest day that I typically don’t do. On the other hand, I had a really great yoga and barre workout. I’m pretty sure I left yoga grinning ear to ear.


I took an ashtanga class at The Yoga Shala. I can’t remember the last time I took an ashtanga class at a studio – it’s clearly been a long time. It was such a great class. I felt like I was in the zone the whole time even though I did modifications (I opted for puppy pose instead of downward dog because of my wrists).

The Yoga Shala is where I first fell in love with yoga and it felt great to be back there. There’s such a great sense of community there. I got some classes for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to being back next week.


I took a rest day on Monday.


I decided to do an at home workout on Tuesday instead of going to the gym. I did a barre workout on YouTube for the first time in a long time.

I always forget how tough barre workouts are with those light weights. My biceps and shoulders were burning by the time I was done, even though it was only a 25 minute workout and I only used 2 pound dumbbells.


I took another rest day.


I had plans to head to the gym for a cardio interval workout, but I just wasn’t feeling it when I woke up. This winter has been tough with the cold weather and so much darkness in the mornings and evenings. I decided to let myself off the hook for the workout and sleep for a bit longer instead.


My workout on Friday night will be yoga at yoga teacher training (I’m writing this post on Friday afternoon and will schedule it to go live on Saturday morning).


My last workout of the week will be yoga at yoga teacher training again. It’s kind of nice to do a yoga practice that’s a bit slower, where you’re encouraged to stay in a pose longer and try some modifications for the pose. It’s so easy to stay with the poses that you like (and you’re good at!), instead of getting out of your comfort zone and trying something a bit different.

What was your favorite workout this week? Do you have a hard time getting yourself to the gym when it’s still dark out in the morning?

Weekly Workouts January 20 to 26 2019