Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts over the past week.

While I didn’t get in quite as many workouts as I wanted this week (I took 3 rest days), I felt like it was a good week of workouts otherwise. I got cardio, strength training, and yoga all in, so it felt well rounded.


I took my first rest day of the week on Sunday.


I decided to do an indoor track workout at the gym on Monday. Unfortunately when I scanned my card to get in there were some issues, so it took about 20 minutes to figure it out before I could actually start my workout. A few months ago I had to get a new card for the gym, and apparently when they did that the gym employee put someone else’s account onto the card they gave me. I didn’t know this until that person ended their membership, so when I scanned it on Monday they wouldn’t let me in. Hopefully I have it all sorted out now, and my card is now attached to my account Fingers crossed!

My first workout of the week was on the track. I did walking intervals (I’m still dealing with plantar fasciitis), so the intervals helped to break it up a bit. I forgot to start workout mode on my Fitbit until I was about halfway through my workout though. I hate when that happens. It was a good workout though, and even though I was only walking I broke a sweat.


Rest day.


I did an upper body strength workout at home. I have some dumbbells so I was able to put together a quick workout strength workout that I could do at home. It consisted of lateral raises, bent over rows, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, chest flys, and one other exercise that I can’t remember (this is why I usually write everything down, my memory isn’t great). I was pretty sore on Thursday, so it was effective. It just goes to show that you don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout it.


Rest day.


My workout for Friday was yoga at yoga teacher training. The instructor we had on Friday night (I’m scheduling this post on Friday before I go to teacher training) is great at putting together flow practices that are accessible to just about anyone. We have a group of teacher trainees with lots of injuries, so it’s pretty cool that everyone can participate in the same practice with modifications.


Yoga at teacher training was my workout again on Saturday. Last time at teacher training back before Christmas when we had this instructor first thing in the morning, she led us through a really beautiful yoga class that started off really gentle (I think some of us were still half asleep) but slowly built in intensity to wake us up. I’m looking forward to a similar class on Saturday.

What was your favorite workout this week? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Weekly Workouts January 6 to 12 2019