Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts from the last week.


I took a rest day on Sunday because my back started to hurt on Saturday night. I took some back pain meds which made it tolerable, but I definitely didn’t want to push it and make my back any worse than it already was. You don’t realize how much you use your back until it’s hurting.


I was still in pain on Monday morning, so I took another rest day. My top priority was to feel back to normal, so that meant skipping my workout again on Monday.


My back was feeling a bit better on Tuesday, though it still wasn’t 100% yet. I decided that a walk would be a good way to get in some activity while still being gentle on my back. I was out for 20 minutes, and while it wasn’t for very long, it still felt good to be moving.

I recruited my dad to go with me to a park near us. We came across some trees that were decorated with huge ornament.s They actually looked pretty cool.


On Wednesday my back was feeling better again (though still not back to normal, boo!) so I thought I’d do a slow workout on the elliptical at the gym on Wednesday afternoon.

I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical. Even though I wasn’t going very fast I still broke a sweat, so that felt good. With my warm up and cool down on the track my workout ended up being about an hour total.


I took a rest day on Thursday because I didn’t want to push it with my back. I know that I was being cautious, but having a sore back impacts so much of my daily life and I just wanted it to get better! I figured that since I still wasn’t feeling 100% an extra rest day wouldn’t hurt.


My plan was to head to the gym on Friday morning, but I ended up having a terrible sleep. I was wide awake from 2 am to about 5 am, so I turned off my alarm and slept in. I’m pretty sure I would have been a zombie if I had gotten up right after I’d fallen asleep to head to the gym. It’s so frustrating to have nights like that when I want to fall back asleep so badly but my mind is just going a million miles an hour. I ended up sleeping in until 7:30 am, so I got a bit more sleep.


My plan for today (I’m writing this post on Friday and scheduling it for Saturday) is to go to the gym for another elliptical workout.

What was the last injury you had? Has anyone else had a sore back?

Weekly Workouts Dec 30 to Jan 5 2019