Today I’m sharing some of my favorite movies and shows on Netflix.

When I first got Netflix I wasn’t sure if I would like it (watching TV shows after the fact seemed kind of weird) or even how much I would use it, but I’m so glad that I signed up for it. I don’t watch much TV on cable anymore, and I’m impatient with commercials.

I find that it can be overwhelming trying to pick something to watch (or maybe I’m just indecisive). I’m always looking for suggestions. I love hearing what other people are watching, so I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

Mad Men

One of my all time favorite TV shows is Mad Men. I’m glad that I was able to re watch it on Netflix. I had forgotten so many of the little details week to week and season to season when I watched it on cable the first time around. It’s worth watching if you like dramas.

Secret City

There’s only one season (and therefore 6 episodes) of Secret City, so it’s not a huge commitment. I know that it can be intimidating to start a new show if there’s a ton of seasons to get through. It’s set in Australia and the main character is a journalist trying to uncover the truth about the identity of a person found dead in a lake. Her investigating leads her to her ex, who works in the Australian intelligence community. If you like spy and espionage thrillers, give this one a try.

Kim’s Convenience

These quick, 21 minute episodes features a Korean family who owns a convenience store in Toronto. Even thought Kim’s Convenience is about a Korean family, there are a lot of similarities with my Italian family when it comes to family expectations and obligations.

Unsolved Tupac and Biggie

This show follows the two investigations that went on about the murders of Tupac and Biggie. I really liked the different timelines throughout the show – I thought it was an interesting way to tell the story. Josh Duhamel and Jimmi Simpson (he’ll be familiar if you’ve watched Westworld) were both great in it. It’s hard to believe that neither case has been solved yet.

Pine Gap

This is another spy thriller set in Australia. It focuses on a joint American/Australian team that does surveillance in Asia and has a huge impact on world politics. You’re left waiting til the very end to find out how the mole on the team is – I wasn’t able to figure it out. I’m really hoping that they make a second season of Pine Gap.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

If you’re into travelling or food, you’ve probably already seen this show. I’ve gone through and re watched some of my favorite episodes. I like the international locations better than the North American ones because I like to see things that are different than what I’m used to. It’s still hardto believe that Anthony Bourdain is gone.

Little Women

This is a recent addition to Netflix – and I’m so glad that it was added! It’s my favorite film version of Little Women, even though it’s the most recent. The first two are in black and white. Winona Ryder is perfect as Jo. If you liked reading the book as a kid (or an adult!), make sure that you watch this version of Little Women.

Anne With an E

There’s been so many movie, mini series, and even TV shows based on the Anne of Green Gables book series, some definitely better than others. Anne’s red braids are pretty iconic and make me think of red sand beaches and light houses. I think Prince Edward Island is as much a character as anyone else. I thought that the casting for this show was so well done. The actors for Anne, Marilla, and Matthew were spot on and exactly how I imagine them from the books.

Do you have Netflix? Share some of your favorite shows and movies in the comments below.

My Favorite Movies and TV Shows on Netflix