Does anyone remember back in the day of healthy living blogging when What I Ate Wednesday posts were a thing? I know I wrote a lot of them here in Get Fit Fiona. I always liked seeing what other people were eating. It’s so easy to get into a food rut, so getting ideas from other people was always nice. 

I though I’d start sharing my meals again on a semi-regular basis again – I’m thinking every month or so. Let me know if you like these posts or not.


I went out for brunch with my mom and brother the other day. It was cold and snowy out so I knew I wanted something to warm me up. I went with a couple eggs, brown toast, and potatoes. I wasn’t able to finish it all (it was clearly a lot of food), but it was delicious. 

This cranberry lemon muffin was so good! I typically try to eat some yogurt with my breakfasts to sneak in a bit of protein. I find that making sure that I eat some protein earlier in the day keeps me from getting too hungry later on. 

Granola is one of my staples when it comes to breakfast. It’s super easy to get ready when I’m short on time, as the only thing I have to do is add some yogurt to it. These little apple sauce containers are perfect for breakfasts too to make sure that I get in some fruit. I always make sure to get the unsweetened ones – the others with the added sugar are just too sweet. 

Oatmeal is my other go to breakfast food – especially in the winter. I generally try to add some sort of add in to it, whether that’s some chopped up fruit, raisins, or some brown sugar like I did with this bowl. Plain oatmeal is just so boring so I’m always trying to spice it up a bit. 

Lunches and dinners

I went out for lunch with my dad to a neighborhood pub and got this chicken, brie, and apple sandwich and a caesar salad. Unfortunately the salad was a bit of a bust because they put way too much dressing on it and I could only manage a bite of it. The sandwich was delicious though. I’ve ordered it before and it’s always so tasty. 

I made some penne with a marinara sauce and added some parmesan cheese on top for a dinner last week. It’s hard to go wrong with pasta. I also had a salad to go with it, but I ended up eating it while the pasta was cooking because I was hungry and impatient. I can’t be the only one that that happens to, can I? 

I was craving a burger so I when I ended up at an Irish pub with my brother I got this one. It hit the spot. The fries were pretty good too actually – they had seasoning on them which wasn’t too salty but added a hint of flavor to them. 

I also made some sandwiches this week which I was craving. I know, it’s a weird thing to crave, but I wanted them. I got a package of lunch meat the grocery store that had three different meats in it (salami, procuitto, and capicole). I added some marble cheese, mustard, and pickles to the sandwich. I had some carrots on the side for some crunch. 

Snacks and desserts

It was my birthday last week which means that I made a birthday cake. I went with rainbow bits cake, buttercream frosting, and some toffee bits sprinkled on top. It was really good, even if the cake came from a boxed mix. 

After workouts I’ll typically make a smoothie. My go to recipe is frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, Pure Protein Vanilla Cream protein powder (affiliate link), and a splash of water. 

I haven’t had these chips in probably 15 years, but I decided to pick some up when I was at the grocery store last. For some reason they remind me of my one grandma. I have no idea why – I can’t remember her ever eating them, but she must have at some point otherwise why would I think of her when I see them? They were pretty good – they have a unique flavor different from other chip flavors. 

What’s one food or meal that you’ve been loving lately? Share it in the comments below. 

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