Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts.

I haven’t posted one of these workout recaps in a long year, so I thought I’d write one up. I love hearing what other people are doing in terms of workouts, so I figure other people like to read about my workouts too. 


I did a steady state cardio workout on the elliptical. I spent 25 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 5 minute cool down of walking on the track. It wasn’t a very exciting workout, but I worked hard and that’s just what I needed. 


I did an at home yoga practice for my workout on Monday. I was craving yoga but not the class/social component, so I figured doing some yoga at home was the perfect solution. I ended up practicing for 45 minutes. Does anyone else have trouble doing savasana at home? I usually don’t last for more than a minute or two before I get antsy, but when I’m in a class at a studio it never feels long enough. Am I the only one or does anyone else have that problem too? 


When I got to the gym on Tuesday morning I decided to do another cardio workout on the elliptical. I really pushed myself during this workout to get my heart rate up. I was pretty successful because it was up around 85% of my max. I did my cool down on the track as usual.


I did my rest day on Wednesday. 


I did another workout at the gym on Thursday – on the elliptical once again. I did my warm up on the elliptical (I start out slow and gradually increase my pace to my workout level by the end of five minutes), spent 35 minutes doing steady state cardio, and then spent 10 minutes walking the track for my cool down. 


We did a yoga practice at yoga teacher training last night. I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done. I was very happy to take a shower when I got home and then get into bed. I always find these Friday nights of yoga teacher training long. 


I’m expecting another two yoga practices today at yoga teacher training to round out my workouts this week (I’m writing this post Saturday morning before I go to YTT). It’s going to be a busy day. 

What was your favorite workout this week? Share it in the comments below. 

Weekly Workouts November 11 to 17 2018