Woohoo – it’s Friday! Is anyone else glad that the week is just about over and the weekend is here? It’s going to be an exciting weekend around here.

My boyfriend is picking up his bulldog puppy today and I’m meeting him tomorrow. I’ve seen a few photos of him and he’s so cute! I can’t wait to meet him in person. I haven’t had a dog since 2012, so it’ll be nice to be able to visit the puppy.

And now onto some of my favorite things from the last week!

American Vandal Season 2

I’m about half way through the second season and I’m liking it just as much as the first season. It’s the perfect show to watch when you want something funny and silly. I’m usually a drama person, so it’s nice to switch it up once in awhile. The episodes are only 30 minutes long. I have a hard time sitting still for longer than that, so it’s perfect for me. 

Sour cream glazed donut

I was really craving a donut earlier in the week, so I finally ended up getting one a few days ago. These sour cream glazed ones from Tim Horton’s are my absolute favorite. There’s just something about them that’s so good! Someone was telling me that sour cream glazed donuts and apple fritters are some of the most popular donuts. I have to agree! 

How Yoga Works Book

How Yoga Works book

I read How Yoga Works a couple summers ago when a friend lent it to me. I asked my friend if I could borrow it again now that I’m in the middle of yoga teacher training. Up until yoga teacher training I’d really only knew about the asana part of yoga. My only information about the philosophy of yoga came from this book. I’m excited to read it again now that I know a bit more. 

What’s a favorite from yours from the last week? Does anyone have a bulldog?

Friday Favorites November 9 2018