Today I’m sharing a new workout playlist that includes Major Lazer, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Alessia Cara.

Good morning! Before I get into the topic of today’s post, I wanted to share yesterday’s workout. 

I decided to do an at home yoga practice. My hamstrings were feeling particularly tight (probably from sitting at my desk so much the day before), so I thought yoga would be a good idea. I started with a few sun salutation A’s and then focused on my legs for the rest of the practice by doing pigeons, downward dogs, and forward folds.

It always feels a bit strange to practice on my own at home because most of the time when I do yoga I’m in a class. While it’s definitely more work figuring out which post to do next, it’s also nice to be able to focus on the body parts that I want to. 

My hamstrings felt so much better by the time I was done. It’s always surprising to me how much a little yoga can make me feel so much better when I’m tight. 

And now onto the workout playlist…..

I made this month’s workout playlist using newer music that I’m hearing on the radio right now – everything from Maroon 5 to Beyonce to David Guetta. I usually only listen to pop/top 40 when I’m in the car listening to the radio, so it’s kind of fun to listen to that at the gym too. 

I usually like to have a few different workout playlists to pick from when I get to the gym. With Spotify Premium I’m able to download as many playlists as I want and listen to them at the gym without having to use my data. 

This playlist is 45 minutes long which will get me through my typical cardio workouts. I’m usually on the treadmill for 30 minutes and my warm up and cool down usually take another 10 to 15 minutes combined.  Be sure to follow me on Spotify if you want to get all of my workout playlists there – just search for getfitfiona. 

What’s your solution to tight muscles? Favorite songs to listen to at the gym?

November 2018 Workout Playlist