I hope you all had a fun weekend – mine was pretty fun. It had a good mix of relaxing and going out.


I ended up spending the night at home. I wasn’t feeling great because I was dealing with a headache. I took some pain medication but it didn’t even make a dent in it. Thankfully I was feeling better on Saturday morning when I woke up, but I felt terrible on Friday night. 

I decided to go with breakfast for dinner so I made an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel. I had some cantaloupe on the side (unpictured). 

I finished reading Educated (affiliate link) by Tara Westover. I found the first half of the book a bit slow, but it really picked up once I reached the half way point. I love reading books about people who experience or live lives completely different from mine, so it was interested to read about Tara’s life that started in the middle of nowhere Idaho in a survivalist family never having gone to school to completing her PhD. 


My boyfriend and I had plans to get some errands done on Saturday. He’s getting a bulldog puppy (he gets him next weekend), so he wanted to get some of the last few things for him. 

We started off at Doggywood to get some dog food and find a bow tie. We found a really cute red plaid bow tie that I think is going to look really good on the puppy. He’s going to be a very good looking puppy. If you’re in Calgary and looking for a fun pet store, make sure to check out Doggywood. They had so many unique things. 

After a stop at another pet store we started to get hungry so we decided lunch was next on the list. We ended up at Fat Burger. The burger I got had guacamole and bacon on it. Needless to say, it was delicious. 

We finished off the rest of our errands and went back to my boyfriend’s place. We watched some Netflix before getting started making dinner. We made Shake and Bake chicken legs. We used the ranch flavor which I’d never had before. It was delicious! Try it if you haven’t yet, you’ll be impressed. 

My boyfriend found this dipping sauce at the grocery store that we had with our chicken. It was really tasty and went well with the ranch Shake and Bake. I’m not a big fan of spicy foods, but this sauce had just the right level of spice. 

Sweet Relief has cupcake happy hour (they go on sale for $2) an hour before the bakery closes, so before dinner we walked over to get cupcakes for dessert. I went with chocolate and my boyfriend got salted caramel. 

After dinner we watched Jason Bourne.  I had seen the first one, but I still understood the plot of this one even though I had missed a couple movies in the middle. It was a fun action movie to watch that didn’t require too much thinking. 


I started off my day by thoroughly enjoying the extra hour of sleep. Thank you daylight savings time! Once I got moving I headed to the grocery store to get a few things followed by stopping to get coffee for my parents. 

I spent the rest of the day around the house getting some stuff done including some organizing and laundry. 

Sunday night my brother and I got together with some friends of the family. I hadn’t seen them in forever – one has been travelling the last few years and we’ve all been working. I think the last time I’d seen them was at their sister’s wedding a few years ago. It was so good to catch up with each other. We have so many good memories together. We decided that we’re going to get together again – but not wait years again before it happens. 

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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Weekend in Review November 5 2018