Today I’m sharing my goals for October. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. Thanksgiving is coming up for those of us who live in Canada. It’s my favorite holiday so I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s hard to go wrong with fall, family, and a delicious meal. 

Before I get into my goals for this month, I want to recap how September went first. 

Protein with breakfast

This goal wasn’t quite as successful as I was hoping that it would be. I’m a lot better at getting protein in with lunch and dinner, but I’m still struggling with ways to fit it in with breakfast. I’ll typically have a protein smoothie after I get home from the gym when I do workout before work. On those days I’m happy with my protein intake. It’s days that I don’t go to the gym that I struggle. I don’t have time to cook a hot breakfast during the week, so I feel stuck with my protein options. 

How do you get in your protein in the mornings? What’s an easy to make breakfast with a decent amount of protein in it? Let me know your suggestions in the comments below. 

Get out of my yoga comfort zone

I was pretty successful with this goal in September. I tried out a yin class with a new teacher, a gentle yoga class, and a vinyasa class that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll only be able to make the vinyasa class twice a month, boo. It was recommended to me by another student which I’m really grateful for. It was just as good as she said it would be. 

And now onto my goals for October! 

Embrace fall

Winter is generally a tough time of year for me. The months and months of cold weather and snow can take a toll on my mental health. There’s just something about the short days and lack of warm weather that’s hard to deal with for month’s on end. Despite the current weather here in Calgary (we got a big dump of snow today), I’m going to embrace fall and the generally warmer weather before winter gets here. 

That means taking advantage of everything that fall has to offer – from Thanksgiving with my family (next week for those of us here in Canada) to walks by the river with the leaves changing color to drinking all the steamed apple juices at Starbucks. 

Improve my bedtime routine

I’ve been neglecting my bedtime routine lately (staying up later than I should, watching TV right before going to bed, etc.), so this month I’m committing to improving my bedtime routine. I’ve been struggling with falling asleep and staying asleep. If I want up during the night it’ll take me an hour or two to fall back asleep. 

To improve my sleep this month I’m going to go to bed earlier so that I can be asleep at a decent time, meditating with the Headspace app (read my review of it here), and reading before I turn off the light. 

Do you have any tips for better sleep? I’d love to hear them.

October 2018 Goals