Another week is over! This week flew by – probably because I was at yoga teacher training over the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to having a low key weekend. I feel like I’ve been on the go for the last two weeks. 

Since it’s Friday, I’m sharing my favorite things from the past week. 

Dancing On My Own cover by Pentatonix

I’m a huge fan of the Kings Of Leon cover of this song (here’s the link to it), and I was browsing YouTube the other day and came across this Pentatonix cover which is also so great. While it’s such a sad song Pentatonix did a great job putting their own touch on it. 

Hot Pink Lemonade Sour beer

This beer was so good! I had it for the first time on Saturday during date night and I’m so glad I I picked it. I would definitely recommend it if you like sour beers. 

Yoga Teacher Training

I know I posted about it earlier this week (check out the post here), but I’m so, so excited about yoga teacher training. I can already tell that I’m going to learn tons and have a great foundation to teach yoga to others when I’ve completed the course. 

Halloween Trailer 

I’m a huge fan of horror movies – particularly the cheesy ones from the 70’s and 80’s. One of my favorite franchises is the Halloween movies. Jamie Lee Curtis was so good in the first two movies. I was very excited to see that she’s going to be in the newest Halloween movie. This movie looks like it might actually be scary as opposed to cheesy. I think the last one she was in was Halloween H20. Does anyone else remember the Halloween movie with Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes? It was so bad! I’m looking forward to all the scary movies leading up to Halloween. 

What’s a favorite of yours from the past week? Share about it in the comments below. 

Friday Favorites September 21 2018