Today I’m sharing my goals for September. 

Does anyone else feel like summer absolutely flew by this year? Now that it’s September it feels like it’s unofficially fall with kids going back to school and the weather getting cooler. 

September always feels like a second, mini new year. There’s four months left in 2018 to really double down on my goals for 2018 and achieve them. 

Before I get into my September goals, I want to recap how my August goals went. Spoiler: it was a pretty successful month! 

Bed by 9:30 PM

I crushed this goal in August. There was only one or two nights that I wasn’t in bed by 9:30. It’s made a big difference in how easy it is to get up in the morning when I’m in bed at a decent time. 

Healthier snacking

I did pretty good with this goal too. I was much more likely to reach for an apple or carrot sticks rather than a granola bar or a chips. Trying to get in more fruits and veggies as snacks really helped me to be mindful when I was feeling snacky between meals.

And now onto my September goals.

Protein with breakfast

Getting in protein with each meal makes a big difference in feeling fuller throughout the day. It makes sense that I get it in at every meal including breakfast, even though that’s the one that I struggle with the most. It’ll be good practice for me to get protein in at breakfast. 

Get out of my yoga comfort zone

It’s very easy to get into a comfort zone, especially when it comes to workouts and yoga. This month I’m committing to trying out classes that I typically wouldn’t go to. I’m going to classes with new to me teachers. I might even try out a new studio. 

What’s a goal of yours this month? How  do you get in protein with breakfast?

September 2018 Goals