Today I’m sharing a few things that I’m loving this week. 

This post is coming at you a bit later than usual today because I got a little distracted when I got home from work this afternoon. More about that later on in the post.

Friday Favorites

Fall is almost here! 

The Labor Day long weekend always marks the unofficial start of fall to me. I was always excited at a kid to be going back to school, buying school supplies, and seeing all of my friends again. It’s even feeling like fall weather wise too. The temperatures have cooled off a bit and the morning are crisp. 


I love baking and used to do it quite a bit more – a few times per month. I haven’t had as much time to do it the last few years with school. I had the idea to make chocolate chip cookies while I was at work this morning, so on my way home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients.

I decided on butterscotch chips instead of chocolate chips at the grocery store. It ended up being a delicious decision because the cookies smelled amazing when I took them out of the oven, and they were delicious. I may have had to try a second and third cookies to make sure. I would highly recommend swapping out the regular chocolate chips with butterscotch chips.

90’s One Hit Wonders Spotify Playlist

If you were also a teen in the 90’s like I was, you’ll recognize the one hit wonders on this playlist. I’ve really enjoyed listening to it this week. The songs bring me back to junior high and high school. 

4 day long weekends

Since I’m not taking time off of work this summer to go on vacation, I decided to instead turn a long weekend into a 4 day weekend. I took Tuesday off, so I don’t have to be back at work until Wednesday. Somehow going from 3 days to 4 days makes it feel more luxurious. I’m definitely looking forward to some time away from work and being able to relax this weekend. 

Now that you know what I’m loving this weekend, what’s a favorite of yours? Tell me about it in the comments below. 

Friday Favorites August 31 2018