Once again, it feels like this weekend flew by. How is it already Monday morning? It was a jam packed weekend for me, which is a bit different than most weekends. I try to have less going on so that I can have a bit of a break. Even though I was on the go it was a fun weekend.

Saturday Breakfast


I started off my Saturday morning with my go to hot breakfast – two poached eggs with pepper and a couple of slices of toast with peanut butter. During the week I typically don’t cook my breakfast, so it’s kind of nice to to take the extra time to make something different.

Heather Selfie

I bought this denim jacket (affiliate link) from The Gap a week or two when they were having their big sale, which I wore on Saturday morning to get groceries. I got it for $35 off, so it was a great deal. I also ended up getting a pair of jeans (affiliate link), a couple t-shirts (affiliate link), and a bag (affiliate link).


I ended up getting a few more groceries than I usually do, though I’m expecting them to last for a week and a half, so I think it’ll even out in the end. I’m planning on making honey mustard pork chops, sloppy joes, pasta and meat sauce, and barbecued hamburgers.

Saturday Lunch

Lunch on Saturday was leftover beef stroganoff and an apple. My favorite apples are Granny Smith, but I decided to go with something different at the grocery store and bought a few Ambrosia ones instead. They tasted so good – better than I’d remembered. I might have to get Ambrosia apples more often now.

Passion Tea Lemonade Starbucks

Once I was done with lunch I headed back out to do some errands. I ended up meeting up with my dad to get a Starbucks. I went with a passion tea lemonade (it’s my favorite hot weather drink) and he got an iced coffee. It was nice to sit for a bit and talk.

Founders Brewing Raspberry Beer

Saturday night was date night. My boyfriend and I have been watching season 2 of Westworld and we finally finished the last two episodes. I’m kind of amazed that I managed to avoid any spoilers about how it ended, so I won’t spoil anything for anyone who may be reading and hasn’t finished watching it yet. I will say though that the last two episodes were action packed and were so good! I’m really hoping that they make a third season.

Jaws Photo Booth


I was up bright and early to work for a friend at a booth she had at the Magic and Fantasy Fair. It’s been put on the last few years by a neighborhood in Calgary – they close down a couple streets to traffic, and all the stores and restaurants participate too. The weather was hot and sunny, so that meant there were a ton of people out. There were a bunch of great costumes including an incredible Hagrid. Isn’t this Jaws photo booth great?

Harry Potter Platform 9 34 Kensington

As I was walking back to the train station to make my way home after I was done working I came across this Platform 9 3/4. One of these day’s I’m going to see the “real” one at King’s Cross. The Magic and Fantasy Fair is always so much fun. The neighborhood and business owners really embrace it and there’s so much creativity that goes into the costumes and decorations.

By the time I got home I was exhausted. Between the heat and being on my feet all day I was just done, so it wasn’t long after making myself dinner that I was in bed.

What was the highlight of your weekend? 

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Weekend in Review July 30 2018

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    • July 30, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      Thanks Danni, I hope you’re having a good day!

  • July 30, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    I just learned how to poach eggs, and it’s a game changer! Also love the denim jacket–I’m looking for a new one for the fall :)

    • July 31, 2018 at 7:50 am

      Denim jackets are perfect for when the weather cools down a bit.

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