I’m sharing my latest workout playlist today.

I hope your week has started off good. Yesterday I booked a few days off from work later on in the summer. Even though I’m not going anywhere, it feels good to know that I have some time off coming up!

Elliptical Workout

Before I share the workout playlist, I thought that I’d share my workout from yesterday. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical for some steady state cardio. I then spent 10 minutes walking the track for my cool down. My workout flew by – maybe because it’s my first workout of the week and I took two rest days over the weekend.

I made a protein smoothie for breakfast when I got home. I forgot that I was out of frozen berries (which is a go to ingredient for me when it comes to protein smoothies), so I used some fresh strawberries instead. It tasted good and helped too cool me down after my workout.

It’s an eclectic playlist this month – I’ve included everything from hip hop to pop, both old songs and new. These songs always pump me up and get me going, so I thought they’d be perfect to put together in a workout playlist. If you’re looking for more workout music, check out my playlists page here. You can also find this playlist on Spotify.

July 2018 Workout Playlist

Crazy in Love was the first Beyonce song that I really liked back in the day. I remember listening to it on my car in university with friends. It seems like such a long time ago now. Isn’t it funny how certain songs can bring back memories so clearly?

I added Still DRE by Dr Dre and Hypnotize by The Notorious BIG because I watched Unsolved and I had forgotten how good a lot of 90’s hip hop was. I hear songs watching Unsolved that I hadn’t heard in years.

What’s a favorite song that’s on a workout playlist of yours right now? Share it in the comments below. 

July 2018 Workout Playlist