Today I’m sharing how my June goals went and what I want to accomplish in July.

It’s hard believe that 2018 is already half over! Before I get into my July goals, I want to recap my June ones and share how they went.

July 2018 Goals

June Goals

Be more social and connect with more friends

I’m going to say that this goal was a huge success for me this month. I attended a WordPress hack night to learn about all things WordPress (WordPress is the blogging platform that I use) and got to meet some great people. I also went to a Ladies Learning Code event where I got some work done on the back end of my blog and got to talk to a few people who are more technically minded than I am and were willing to share their knowledge.

In addition to attending those events, I also got together with a really good friend and spent a few hours together. We ended up meeting at a mall and walking around before getting drinks and just catching up for awhile. It was so good to spend time with her – proof that I need to make the time to spend with friends more often.

Being the introvert than I am, I thought this goal was going to be tough for me, but it surprisingly wasn’t. I’ll typically pick staying home over going out, but getting out more than I usually would this month felt pretty good. Maybe things are beginning to change for me?

10,000 Steps


25 days of 10,000 steps in June

I only got 14 days of 10,000 steps or more in June, but the strap on my Fitbit broke, so I wasn’t able to wear it for those 10 days that I was waiting for the replacement strap to arrive. Although I still wouldn’t have hit 25 days if I’d gotten in 10,000 steps each of those days that I wasn’t able to wear my Fitbit. Although I still wouldn’t have hit 25 days, I would have been a lot closer than the 14 days that I did achieve.

I think going forward I’ll be able to get in more steps on a daily basis. I’m more likely to take a break from working at the computer and take a few minutes to get up and do something else. It’s so easy to get so zoned in on work that I don’t even stand up for an hour or two. I’m much more likely now to take a quick break and get some steps in.

Since I’ve been able to get in 10,000 steps so often this month, it feels like something that’s more doable and that I can accomplish on a daily basis, so I’m more likely to put in the extra effort to actually do it. I know that sounds kind of funny, but when it feels like a goal is within reach, I’m more likely to put in the time to make sure that it gets done.

Daily stretching or yoga

Just like with my first goal with the steps, while I didn’t stretch daily, I definitely did it more often than I would have otherwise. I usually did it after workouts or at the end of the day before getting into bed if it was a rest day. I struggle with tight hips, so I spent most of my time stretching focusing on that. Thankfully it did make a difference and it’s surprising to think of what a difference just a few minutes of stretching will make most days of the week.

Stretching daily is definitely something that I want to continue doing. I honestly didn’t realize how little it takes to make a big difference, which is so worth it for me. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time, and it works perfectly with my bedtime routine.

July Goals

My Fitness Pal

Track food in My Fitness Pal every day in July

I’ve been tracking my food more and more in My Fitness Pal recently and I’ve noticed that I’ve been making better choices when I know that I’ll be putting my food into it. I’d like to continue with that. Not only do I feel better when I’m making healthy food choices, but my workouts also feel better too. I’m also able to keep a better eye on my macros when I use My Fitness Pal. It’s a lot easier to calculate my carbs, fats, and protein when I put my food into My Fitness Pal too.

Make 4 new recipes this month

Speaking of food, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a cooking rut lately. I keep going back to the same recipes for what seems like forever – and while I do like them, I haven’t felt inspired. I’m committing to making one new recipe each week in July. I’ll probably be checking out blogs (my favorite for finding new recipes is Budget Bytes) and Pinterest. There’s lots of options out there, I just need to take the initiative and find them. I’ll be sure to share the recipes that I try out and how I like them.

Spend less

While I’m generally not a big spender, I’m wanting to save more money, both to build up my savings (you can never have too much put away for a rainy day) and to put some money towards a trip that I’m tentatively planning to take next year. I’m going to be consciously  taking a second look at the things that I spend money on that are “wants”. While there’s not much I can do about those things that are fixed expenses, I can definitely make some adjustments with my variable expenses. It’s so easy for me to spend money on those little things that I don’t need but I end up getting anyways, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on in July.

What are one of your goals for June? What’s your favorite blog to find recipes on?

July 2018 Goals