Today I’m sharing some highlights from the last month.

 Life Lately June 2018

Connecting with the blog/tech community

This month I was able to go to two different events this month that were related to blogging and tech. I went to a work night with Ladies Leaning Code. If you’re in Canada and at all interested in learning about all things coding, be sure to check out their website. They have workshops and work nights all across Canada. I also attended my first WordPress hack night in a few years. I used to go to them regularly and learned lots, but I just haven’t had time until this month. It was so nice to re-connect with that community again. We ended up talking a lot about GDPR, which was great because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.


I also sent my ebook off to be edited this month. It’s a bit scary to let it out into the world (although in a very small way), but I think it’s going to be so much better once someone else’s eye have a read through it. It’s still hard to believe that I wrote nearly 30,000 words. I think this is the longest thing I’ve ever written, even with seven years of university between my bachelor’s degree and diploma. While I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me with the editing, it’s kind of cool to think that people will be reading it sooner rather than later.

The Atomic City Girls

Speaking of books, I’ve finished (well, almost finished) two this month. Rumors (affiliate link) is the second book in The Luxe series. Think of Gossip Girl set in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s in New York City. All the books in The Luxe series would be perfect beach reads. They’re fun to read but don’t require too much thinking.

The second book I’m just about done is The Atomic City Girls (affiliate link). While the writing isn’t the greatest, I stuck with it because the history was so interesting. It follows a few different characters that are all working in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This is where they made the uranium to go into the two nuclear bombs that the US used at the end of WWII.

Eating at Regrub

Regrub Milkshakes

The boyfriend and I thought that it would be fun to check out Regrub this past weekend. Regrub is known for their milkshakes and burgers. He had been there a few times already, but it was my first time eating there. He had seen online that they were offering a Harry Potter themed milkshake, and thought I would be interested because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Thankfully when we got there on Sunday there wasn’t a line (it gets pretty busy sometimes). I ordered the Potterhead milkshake (think butterscotch, caramel popcorn, and whipped cream) and he got the #contromeself milkshake, based on Cookie Monster.

Now that you know some of the highlights of my month, share one of yours in the comments below. 

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Life Lately: June 2018