This week I’m trying something new here on Get Fit Fiona. I’m combining my Workouts and Recipes posts that I usually share on Saturdays with my Weekend in Review posts that I typically post on Mondays. Let me know what you think of the new format!

Weekend, Workouts, and Food June 11 2018


I started off my weekend with a date night on Friday with my boyfriend. It was pretty low key which was perfect – I was feeling tired from a busy week, so hanging out on the couch was just what I needed. We made dinner (dumplings) and watched the latest episode of West World. Even though I keep thinking that I’ll get answers, I always have so many questions once the credits start rolling. After West World we watched Logan Lucky. It stars Channing Tatum and is a heist movie. Think Ocean’s 11 set in the deep south. My boyfriend liked Lucky Logan more than me, but it was a fun movie that didn’t require a lot of thinking.

White Rabbit Lemon Raz Radler

I tried this White Rabbit Lemon Raz Radler for the first time and loved it! It’s a light, summer drink that’s perfect for hot summer nights. If you see them while you’re out I definitely recommend you pick one up. They’re so good! Plus it’s from a Canadian brewery, so that’s always a plus.

I ended up sleeping in on Saturday morning til almost 8 am. That almost never ever happens to me  – I’m usually up by 6 am at the latest, even on weekends. I must have needed the sleep though.


Once I was up and dressed for the day I got some errands done, including grocery shopping. I also added a Southwest chopped salad kit and some Granny Smith apples after I took this photo. I got ingredients to make beef stroganoff and honey mustard pork chops. I’ve made both recipes before and they’re both delicious. Grocery shopping has to be one of my favorite errands to do each week. There’s just something about having a full fridge and pantry after putting the groceries away that feels good.

Saturday afternoon I finished editing my ebook. I’ve been working on editing since the beginning of the month, so it felt so good to have it done. i didn’t realize that it would be just as much work as writing it. I’ve now sent it off to someone else to look through. It feels so official to have someone else reading it now.

Sunday morning started off with a workout at the gym. After I got back home, ate and showered, I got to work putting together this post. I then spent some time doing some housework (dusting and vacuming). While it’s definitely not how I’d like to spend my Sunday afternoon, it has to happen at some point. The rest of Sunday involved a nap (yes!) and reading my current book, Rumors (affiliate link). After dinner on Sunday I caught up on The Bachelorette. I have a feeling that this season will be full of drama. For anyone else watching, who do you think she’ll pick at the end? I’m absolutely terrible at figuring that out. I don’t think I’ve predicted one yet.


  • Sunday I took it easy on Sunday and went for a quick walk by the river. It wasn’t much but it felt food to stretch my legs and be by the river. There’s just something about being by the water that is good for my soul.
  • Monday I did my workout on Monday at the gym on the elliptical. I decided on steady state cardio, and it went by surprisingly fast thanks to a podcast. I don’t know what I would do without podcasts. They make my time on the elliptical fly by. A bunch of the cardio equipment overlooks the lobby of the gym, and when I was there I saw a guy coming in with a big Skip The Dishes bag. Apparently someone had ordered delivery to the gym. That’s either counterproductive or a genius idea, I’m not quite sure yet.
  • Tuesday I had zero motivation to go to the gym before work, so instead I did a workout on YouTube. It was a Jessica Smith workout with dumbbells, but I can’t remember the specific one that I did.
  • Wednesday I took a rest day on Wednesday, so I got to sleep in til almost 6 am instead of getting up just before 5 am to get to the gym before work. Sometimes that extra hour of sleep feels pretty luxurious in the middle of the week.
  • Thursday I made to the gym again on Thursday morning before work and did some more steady state cardio. No Skip the Dishes couriers sighted this time though.
  • Friday I wasn’t feeling the gym on Friday, so I did another workout on YouTube, this time a Fitness Blender one. I’m so grateful that there are workouts on YouTube for those days when I can’t or don’t want to go to the gym. They make getting in at home workouts so much easier. There are so many great workouts on YouTube, you just have to find them.
  • Saturday Rest day.


Chicken Clubhouse

On Tuesday I ended up taking my dad out for lunch. We went to Ceili’s, and Irish pub. As usual, the food was delicious. I went with a chicken clubhouse and he got a rueben. My weekly meal out was pretty good. When we were leaving I saw a sign that they’re on Skip the Dishes, so I’ll have or order from them at some point.

Homemade Pizza

I also made homemade pizza with roasted garlic pizza sauce, puddles of mozzarella cheese, and lots of meat because I was craving it. I rounded out the rest of the week making dumplings, vegetables, and rice for a couple meals as well as hamburgers made on the barbecue. There’s just something about anything made on the barbecue that makes it so much better than cooked indoors.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Favorite workout? Favorite meal? Share it in the comments below. 

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Weekend, Workouts, and Food June 11 2018