Today I’m sharing a Father’s Day gift guide. Father’s Day is coming up quick, so if you’re still trying to figure out what to get for your dad, read on.

Father's Day Gift Guidev

I think everyone agrees that dad’s can be notoriously hard to buy gifts for. Whenever I ask him what he wants for Christmas/his birthday/Father’s Day, the answer I usually get is “nothing” or “I’ll think about it” and then I never hear back from him. I’m hoping that this post will help to give you some ideas for a gift that your dad will appreciate.


My dad is a huge coffee lover, and if your dad is anything like mine, he loves his coffee hot. This is one of those gifts that he’ll actually use on a daily basis, but he wouldn’t actually buy for himself. During the winter he likes to take some coffee with him when he’s running errands, so this would be a great gift for him. I’ve heard great things about these Hydro Flask ones (affiliate link).

Gift card for his favorite restaurant

I know that my favorite gifts to receive are those that involve an experience, so I know that a meal out with friends or family would be something that he would like. Now that my brother and I are grown up, family dinner don’t happen nearly as often as they used to. It’s always nice to get together though and spend some time together.

Grilling accessories

Whether that’s a new cover for the barbeque to help protect it from the elements or a new set of barbeque utensils, I’m sure grilling accessories would be something that your dad would appreciate. My dad definitely enjoys grilling more than cooking in the kitchen. He’s always checking out the latest barbeques and accessories whenever he’s in Lowe’s or Home Depot. These kabob grilling baskets look pretty cool.

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have become super popular over the last few years. They have them for everything from food to clothes. My dad loves Phil and Sebastian coffee (they’re a local  Calgary brand), who conveniently have a service where they’re send you a bag of coffee beans every month. That’s something that my dad would absolutely love. He typically doesn’t drink Phil and Seb as much as he would like because there’s no retail locations nearby, but having it sent to the house would be perfect for him.

Gift card for electronics store

My dad loves electronic gadgets and the accessories that go with them. He’d have a lot of fun picking something out to buy with a gift card. It’s also a great choice because I may not know what he wants, or the specific kind of electronic that me may want, but with a gift card he can buy exactly what he wants.

Is your dad hard to buy for?

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Father’s Day Gift Guide