And another week is just about over! Today and tomorrow I’m attending WordCamp to learn about all things WordPress. It’s going to be a busy day but I think it’ll be worth it.

In the usual Friday fashion over here on Get Fit Fiona, today I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite things from the past week.

Friday Favorites


Last week I changed hosts to SiteGround (that’s why it was so quiet on the blog). I’m so glad that I switched. SiteGround transferred my blog from my old hosting company for me for free and it was so easy to do. If you’re considering switching hosts, I would highly recommend SiteGround.

Amazon Music

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for nearly a year now, but for some reason I just discovered that I also have access to Amazon Music. I can stream as much commercial free music as I want from their website. Over the past week I’ve listened to everything from Nirvana to Backstreet Boys to Pentatonix. It’s bee kind of awesome. If you’re on the fence about paying for Prime, keep in mind that in addition to quick shipping on a lot of items, you also get access to streaming music.

Green Grass and Blooming Flowers


It definitely feels like spring now that everything is finally greening up and flowers are beginning to bloom. The grass is green, the leaves are starting to come out on the trees, and everything is just so pretty. This winter felt especially long and cold, so it feels like an extra special treat to see the plants growing again.

Bing Cherry Flowers

The Bing Cherry flowers in our backyard are so pretty right now. Every year I think that I’m going to beat the birds to be able to get a few cherries, but I usually don’t make it in time. The birds are just too fast.

Long Weekends

Monday was a stat for us here in Canada for Victoria Day, so I had the day off. While my days are all confused, I don’t even mind because it’s a short week. It doesn’t seem like one day should make that much of a difference, but it totally does. There’s just something about having a day off that you would usually work that feels so good.

Fresh Express Asian Salad Kit

I’ve bought this salad mix twice in the past two weeks because it’s so good! Along with lettuce there was cabbage, carrots, almonds, won ton crisps, and a delicious dressing. I’ll definitely be buying it again. It’s a good change from the salads that I usually make at home and since the vegetables are already chopped, all I have to do is put the different components together in a bowl.

Share a highlight from you week in the comments below.

Friday Favorites May 25 2018